Our world is very concerned about vehicles, so it is necessary for most enterprises to have a parking lot. As you know, if you want to own a parking lot, safety is also a top priority for business owners.One way to do this is to provide lighting for the parking lot. This can be done by using solar led street lamp.

Although investment in solar led street lamp initially requires a lot of cost. However, this is a long-term investment, and in the long run, it will pay off by providing renewable solar energy at “zero” cost. If you are going to light a parking lot, you can purchase solar led street lamp and solar panel separately, and then install or purchase integrated solar led street lamp.

A guide to choose the best solar led street lamp

To select the best solar led street lamp, specific criteria need to be considered, such as lighting power density, lamp layout, color quality, efficiency, desired results, efficacy and light distribution. These factors need to be carefully considered in order to achieve the desired results for your parking lot.

In many cities, some requirements must be met before the installation of solar led street lamp. These requirements control the amount of light in order to prevent excessive light, timing, height and brightness. In this article, we will provide you with a guide to the components to be careful when you purchase solar led street lamp.

Passive Infrared (PIR) Motion Sensor

This is part of most solar led street lamp because it helps save battery life. Each object whose temperature is higher than absolute zero temperature will release the heat energy of infrared radiation. The PIR sensor is programmed to measure infrared light so that the sensor can sense motion.

Light emitting diode (LED)

LEDs use tiny microchips to emit light in the diodes. It’s a very efficient way to emit light, and they don’t burn off quickly compared to other light sources used in solar led street lamp. Instead, LEDs undergo so-called lumen decay, where light gradually darkens over time. However, it takes longer, which means that the LED lights do not need to be replaced frequently after installation. Therefore, it is recommended to select LED lights when choosing solar led street lamp.


Technically, a luminaire is a complete set of lighting equipment, including a bulb or bulb and other parts used to protect, distribute and locate light and connect the bulb to the power supply. In addition, you can refer to the guidelines provided by the government of your country/region for the installation of solar led street lamp. This will give you clearer requirements when determining which solar led street lamp to use.

Luminaire Efficacy

The lumen efficiency level is critical to the selection of solar led street lamp because it indicates the amount of light generated compared to the amount of energy consumed. The unit of measurement is lumen per watt (LM / W). In short, it’s the optical output divided by the power input. High lumen solar led street lamp are not always recommended. In addition, attention should be paid to the way the illuminator focuses light.

Draw up a plan

It is important to know which lamps you are going to buy or replace. Please pay attention to the height of lamps and general information about lamps. This will help you make better decisions when choosing solar led street lamp. You have to consider the quantity and quality of lighting required for the facility. There should be uniform lighting throughout the parking lot, as high contrast lighting will affect the monitoring lens. It may also cause blind spots for pedestrians and vehicles, which is detrimental to the safety of parking lots. When you create a plan, it’s important to remember that if you buy less powerful but more efficient features, you’ll need more of them during the installation process. In addition, it is recommended to use controls such as fixed response switches, two-level outputs, etc. to turn off certain lighting during off peak hours. Doing so will help save energy and make your solar led street lamp work longer.

Lighting level

The recommended lighting level is suitable for different lighting purposes and is measured in foot candles (FC). For example, the minimum value to note between the lightest and darkest regions is a ratio of 4:1 (light / dark), but a ratio of 3:1 is even better. Footlights let you know how much light is being received in the park area. Another important parameter is the color temperature (in Kelvin), which affects the way light is displayed in a parking lot.

Solar panel battery combination

For solar led street lamp, the collected solar energy is stored in a battery that will power the solar led street lamp at night. It’s important to be careful with lamps with high MAH capacity batteries and solar panels. At the same time, check the ratio of battery and solar panel, and check the energy consumption of lamps. Make sure that the panel is functional enough to charge the battery and that the battery is strong enough to operate the solar led street lamp for a long time.


As a business manager, it’s not easy to decide which solar led street lamp to use in your business. However, solar led street lamp are very important for the safety of business places. In the long run, solar led street lamp can eliminate unnecessary management costs. Start to check our solar led street lamp for free!

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