What is LED Flood Light

LED floodlight refer to high-power lamps, which are often used to illuminate large areas. The types of floodlights vary according to the usage. The most common function is to cover a large area of wide-angle light. The customer’s needs determine the shape and size of the LED floodlight. The use of LED floodlights generally include large stadiums, parks, lawns, most of which are used outdoors, but you may see them also used indoors, such as garages, warehouses, billboards, homes, and so on.

What are the advantages of LED Flood light ?

Low Cost :

The cost includes purchase cost and maintenance cost. Since the LED industry is already very mature, the purchase costs are very reasonable and affordable. From the perspective of maintenance, LED floodlights undoubtedly have great advantages. Thanks to the long service life of LED lights, more than 50,000 hours, you need to replace the bulbs regularly and rarely maintain them. Therefore, the long-term LED floodlights The cost is much cheaper than traditional lighting.


High Efficiency

The energy efficiency of LEDF floodlights can reach 160Lm/w, while traditional lights are only 50Lm/w to 80Lm/w. It can be said that the brightness has doubled. At the same time, the energy consumption of LED floodlights is one third of that of standard lamps. This means that the LED floodlight can work under its original illuminance for up to 50,000 hours. Therefore, LED floodlights are more energy-efficient and brighter.


Environmental friendly

In addition to high efficiency, LED floodlights are also very environmentally friendly because they do not contain mercury, lead and other harmful substances to the environment. This is consistent with people’s pursuit of safety and environmental protection.

What are the ways usage of LED Flood Light

Retail stores

LED floodlights can be used in retail stores. Stores may need brighter lights to facilitate customers to see products more clearly, and because of the larger area, it is more cost-effective to use LED floodlights.


The most commonly used place for LED floodlights is the warehouse. Because warehouses have a high degree of airtightness, sunlight rarely enters. Moreover, warehouses are usually high, and it is difficult to provide enough light with general lighting. Therefore, LED floodlights are very suitable for warehouse use.


Covered or indoor storage places can be illuminated with LED floodlights. It is recommended to use 30 foot candles for storage.

Photometric research

For large-scale commercial projects, photometric research is very helpful. It is mainly used to determine the brightness, intensity and uniformity of the real estate. For more detailed information about photometric research, please see the article Photometric Research


When buying LED floodlights, people are often confused about what type of lights to buy and the distance between the lights. When it comes to spacing, a number of different factors will play a role, for example, the installation height of the lamp, the luminous efficiency, the installation position and distance of the lamp. For many LED floodlight applications, you need some overlapping or cross lighting to reduce shadows. An example is on an outdoor sports field, where you don’t want to create shadows from distracting games. If you are not sure which type of spacing to use, make sure to obtain information from a knowledgeable source.

How many lights should you buy?

When you buy LED flood lights, the first thing you should determine is what the purpose of buying these lights is. Once you understand the type of lighting required for your purpose, calculate the height and spacing of the lights to provide the right number of lights. In addition, one technique that may be useful to you is to create a layout and see if it makes sense. This will include the purpose of using these lights and will include all the basic details you need to purchase the required number of lights.

The Choice of CCT

LED floodlights have a variety of color temperatures to meet different places. The following guidelines can help you choose the right color:

3000K: This is a warm color, mainly used in places where homes and restaurants have warm lights.

4000K: This is a natural color, suitable for work areas and even conference rooms.

5000K: This is the most common; a cool white that is thought to resemble daylight. Recommended for large spaces and outdoors.

LED floodlights can be used to replace old, high-energy-consumption and low-efficiency lighting products. If you need to purchase LED floodlights, please contact: sales@bbier.com, we will provide you with professional answers and services