Plants cannot grow without light, and they need it for photosynthesis and nutrition. The plant growth light stimulates plant growth by emitting an electromagnetic spectrum suitable for photosynthesis. In short, artificial light replaces sunlight, allowing plants to grow out of the limits of nature and photosynthesize at any time.

So, how should we choose the right growth light?

  • Choose the right spectrum

Whether you buy plant growth lights for your hobbies or the need to supplement light for the plants in the shed, you should choose the appropriate spectrum. During the growth of plants, they mainly absorb the red and blue light from sunlight, which can promote the accumulation of plant biomass and increase output. In the early stage of plant growth, blue light can help seeds germinate and help plants establish a developed root system and backbone. Because blue light can promote plants to produce more chlorophyll, which is good at seedlings better absorb and use the energy of photosynthesis. So that plants can grow and mature faster. Red light is the main force of photosynthesis. When plants perceive red light, they release a hormone to prevent chlorophyll from decomposing. More chlorophyll converts light energy into chemical energy, and plants can get more nutrition. In addition to the red and blue light, some plants absorb less green, purple, and ultraviolet light, and they all have a little positive effect on plants. Therefore, when choosing a plant light, it is best if the other party can provide a suitable spectrum ratio.

  • Choose LED

When it comes to LED, everyone can think of its energy saving. The efficiency of LEDs is high. The electro-optical conversion efficiency of current LED plant lamps is as high as that of incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, high-pressure sodium lamps, and metal halide lamps on the market. Secondly, the LED spectrum has a wide range of bands, and it is easy to obtain monochromatic light and full spectrum. That also realizes the customization of the spectrum for different plants to provide the best light formula. Besides, the LED has less heat and has a long life, so that the lamp can be in close contact with the plants and also avoids the problem of the operator getting burned by the growth light. In addition to its long life span, it not only reflects its energy-saving but also reflects its high efficiency, reducing unnecessary consumption.

  • Choose responsible after-sales

In summary, to buy a suitable plant light, you must choose the best light distribution of the spectrum. So, we also have to consider the after-sales service given to us by the merchant when we buy. This series of after-sales inevitably includes his warranty period, shipping, as well as custom time, and other services. When considering each seller, choose a warranty period of more than three years. And to ensure that the goods are in good condition during the delivery process, and the service of the later maintenance work is the best.

If you are satisfied with the above criteria and think it is correct. I think this product from Bbier’s is simply the most suitable!

Choosing the 600-watt full-spectrum plant growth lamp from Bbier is the correct decision!

They will provide the best service and after-sales service. Besides, the 600-watt full-spectrum plant light has three or more light distribution schemes. For example the combination of discontinuous wavelength red and blue, a variety of discontinuous wavelengths, and a variety of continuous wavelengths, etc. Then, you can choose a suitable light distribution scheme according to the actual situation.

Also, Bbier’s 600-watt full-spectrum plant growth light uses led tubes. The monthly electricity bill is about US$3 (12 hours a day). The low-energy 600-watt growth light kit of light, compared with other LED plant growth lights, it can save up to 50% of energy, and plants can absorb more than 90% of light energy.

Moreover, there is no need to worry about the heat of the lamp, which may cause burns. The thick aluminum radiator on the lamp has high heat dissipation efficiency, and it still maintains an ordinary temperature after 24 hours of use. Furthermore, this lamp has a sturdy structure and is suitable for large indoor areas such as hydroponic greenhouses. It is waterproof and anti-fog and other external environmental influences.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that Bbier’s excellent transportation service and after-sales service. Secondly, during the warranty period, Bbier will send new lights in small batches of new orders. For products with quality problems, they will repair them as quickly as possible and resend them to customers or follow up on repairs based on actual conditions.

If you like this product, you can check it out on the official website, where there is a detailed introduction! I hope my suggestions can help you!