How to choose the right solar area light

Nowadays the usage of solar system in led light is increasing because it is efficient and cost saving. There are many led solar light in market now, such as led solar street light, solar area lights, solar decorative solar lights, solar spotlights etc.. So what things to look out for when you are trying to find the right solar light? Let’s take the solar area light as the example and you will find answer in this article.

How a solar area light work?

I believe we all know how a solar light works. Yes, it is we called photovoltaic effect. This most important part of solar lights is photovoltaic or solar cell. It is used to absorb the light of the sun in the day. The sunlight power will convert into direct electrical current and charge the batteries to light the bulbs during night. This is the basic way of how a solar light system works.

Why choose solar area light?

Compared with electric supply led area light, solar one do have higher price. But there is no additional cost of electricity from the grid as it all comes from the solar cells built in.

On the other hand, solar energy can be developed and utilized on the spot wherever on the earth, and there is no transportation problem. It is especially valuable for rural areas, islands and remote areas with underdeveloped transportation.

How to choose a solar area light?

The common wattage of solar area light in market mainly focus on 20w to 50w. BBier LED solar area light also called solar post top light. Wattage include 20w 25w 50w. Let’s see from more aspects.


Normally there are three kinds of batteries, include lead-acid cell, colloidal and lithium batteries. Currently colloids and lithium batteries are commonly used for solar energy. Lithium batteries cost more than colloids one and its lifespan also longer than colloids batteries. BBier solar light use LiNiCoMnO2 battery, which have very good working performance.

Aluminum alloy is the choice for most manufacturers. BBier is no exception. Thick aluminum heat sink and big housing helps good heat dissipation system. Housing is fade resistant powder coating finish.


Generally speaking, the lumen efficiency for solar light is 100lm/w around or even lower to 50lm/w 60lm/w . Some higher with 120lm/w. High efficiency shows a good quality led chips and energy transformation. And BBier led solar post top light reach 150lm/w, which is very rarely in market.

Control System

This design will make the lamp system more intelligent and convenient. You can use the remote controller or something else to control and setting the lamp based on your needs. Bbier Lamp default with PIR sensor or timmer control. And what is more energy saving is lamp will dim to 20% or when there no activities at night. Or you can setting the lamp according to the time frame.

Hope these steps can help your to find the right and best solar area lights. For any comments or advises kindly please contact us anytime. We are very pleasure to guide your for any questions.