When there is no outdoor power outlet, the use of solar post top lights can become a lifeguard. But do solar post top lights really work? If your yard is dark, or you live in a place where there is little sunshine, what should you do? This is a complete introduction to the selection and use of solar post top lights in the yard.

What Are Solar Post Top Lights?

Solar post top lights are an economical and effective way to illuminate the dark passage, garden, yard or outdoor of the house. In addition, they enhance the security of your project. They use sunlight as power, so you don’t have to pay for maintenance.

Most of them have light sensors that turn on automatically at dusk and turn off automatically at dawn. When fully charged, the light can last all night.

How Does Solar Post Top Lights Work?

Solar post top lights uses the energy of sunlight to convert it into electric energy to supply power for the lamp. They are ideal for people who seek reliable energy for outdoor lighting without damaging the environment.

They has four main parts, including solar panels, batteries, control systems and LED lights.

  • Solar panels convert solar energy into electricity.
  • The electronic control contains a built-in sensor that detects the presence of sunlight. Based on this information, it will automatically turn on /off the lights – just like during the day, it will turn off the lights, and at night, it will turn on the lights. This will make the process of outdoor lighting easy and easy. So you don’t have to worry about turning the lights on / off manually.
  • The battery can store the electricity generated by the solar panels. The stored energy will power the lights at night.

How to Choose the Right Solar Post Top Lights?

There are some suppliers offer different models of solar post top lights. It can be very difficult to analyze these products without enough information. To help you, we provide you with all the information you need to choose the product that suits your requirements.


It represents the coverage area of the light / brightness provided by the solar post top lights. Usually measured in lumens. The lumens is range from 3000lm to 12000lm. For low lighting purposes in the garden, a maximum of 100 lumens is sufficient. For brighter light sources, 3000 to 12000 lumens is appropriate.

Solar Panel Type and Efficiency

There are four types of solar panels with different efficiency.
Among these four solar panel types, mono-crystalline solar panel is effective and suitable.


Charging indicates the time required for the solar powered post top light to be fully charged. Running time indicates the time that the light will work or last at night. The ideal charging time is about 6 to 7 hours, while a good discharge rate is about 10 to 12 hours.

Solar Panel Capacity

Voltage and wattage can be used to measure the capacity of a solar panel. When analyzing them, you have to consider the basic rules of thumb – higher value, better capacity and performance. Because solar street lamps require very little power, the voltage and wattage range will be less than others. So don’t be surprised or frustrated by the values provided in the description.

Charging Time/Run Time

Running time indicates the time that the light will work or last at night. Choose the model that can lighten the illumination time longer. It is important to remember that the operating time is affected by the solar energy utilized by the solar panels.

The charging and running time mainly depends on the season and location. Low-capacity batteries are suitable for areas with poor solar resources. Because even if the solar radiation is very low, they can be charged. The ideal charging time is 6-7 hours, and the good discharge rate is 10-12 hours.

Material and Durability

Solar powered post top light are usually used outdoors, so they should be able to withstand extreme high temperature, snowfall and heavy rain. Therefore, it is obvious that the materials used for manufacturing should be strong and durable.

The common materials of solar powered post top light are stainless steel, aluminum and plastic. Steel and aluminum last longer than plastic because they are more durable. Some of the materials used for solar powered post top light are antirust and UV resistant.


Hope you know how to choose the right solar post top lights. So which one will you choose in 2021? If you have any questions, please let us know about this solar powered post top light.