As night falls, when walking on the streets and shopping malls, you can see signs with luminous characters everywhere. Among the various luminous characters, led light up sign gradually attract people’s attention. Looking around, there are colorful and diverse led light up sign, which are gradually replacing the once smashing neon lights.

How to distinguish led light up sign, luminous characters, and neon lights?

Essential difference:

Neon light: a glass tube made of sodium, evacuated to inject the released gas, the inner wall is coated with phosphor, and it is energized to light up the work.

Bright and colorful luminous characters: the current luminous characters generally use LED light-emitting modules as the light source, which is called LED luminous characters, so they are also classified as LED advertisements. There is no distinction between the two. Many years ago, the luminous characters used thin tubes or other For lighting fixtures, the biggest difference between LEDs and neon lights is that the former is energy-saving and safe, while the latter is dangerous.

Led light up sign: the luminous characters of the led light up sign are completely bent by soft neon lights, with LED lights inside. Led light up sign use low-voltage led lights, which consume less power and have a long service life. Led light up sign glow for a long time without generating high heat.

Appearance distinction:

The glass tube of the neon light can be fired into any arc, and the tube is thinner, bright and colorful. The LED digital tube is a straight tube without arc, the tube is thicker, and the color is soft. The sixteen-segment tube is made into a whole screen, which can be synchronized with a computer to display simple text and animation effects.

Because led light up sign are curved, the shape can be customized at will, and the effect of the design drawing can be more present. The soft neon light of led light up sign is arc-shaped, without sharp corners, and looks more comfortable. The light is uniform, the color is diverse, and the color change of gradation and jump can be realized.

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