With the development of society and people’s aesthetic appeal, a modern place should have certain aesthetic and pleasure functions in addition to practical functions. As a cultural place, to some extent it has become a symbol of the level of civilization of a unit, a city, and even a country. 1000w led stadium lights is to use lights to shape the night image of the stadium, so as to show the unique artistic style of the stadium under the night curtain, and show the unique cultural connotation and artistic characteristics of the stadium.

Today this article is going to tell you how to install 1000w led stadium lights.

What’s the installation significance?

1000w led stadium lights play an important role in shaping the overall night atmosphere of stadium lights; 1000w led stadium lights are indispensable in daily life on the stadium. In addition to meeting people’s leisure and entertainment needs, it will also be a An important landscape is also necessary for a civilized society. It is conducive to the safety and comfort of human activities and the correct identification of the surrounding environment, preventing the loss of coordination between humans and the light environment.

What’re the technical points?

  • Choose a reasonable facade lighting method, control the lighting area, and reduce the power consumption of 1000w led stadium lights.
  • Handle well the requirements of various indicators such as illuminance, light color, color rendering, three-dimensional perception, texture, flash, and glare limit.
  • Pay attention to spatial clarity, eliminate unnecessary shadows, and control the adverse effects of light, heat and ultraviolet radiation on people and objects.
  • It is necessary to create a suitable brightness distribution and illumination level, limit glare, and reduce irritability.
  • Natural light should be effectively used. The requirements of the light pole: the top of the lifting high pole light is equipped with a lightning rod, a rain cover, a pulley block with a 60-degree distribution and a hook system with a 120-degree distribution.
  1. The rain cover can prevent rainwater from entering the inside of the light pole, and prevent the lifting pulley and other parts from being rusted by rain.
  2. The pulley block is used to prevent the steel wire rope and the cable from being entangled from the groove. The design of the hook system is very reasonable. When the lamp panel is lowered, the lifting system can be operated to make the hook automatically flip, ensuring the safe and reliable unloading of the wire rope after the lifting action is completed, and extending the service life of the wire rope.
  3. In the rectangular cavity at the bottom of the elevating high pole lamp, in addition to the electrical control system, a motor and other elevating systems are also installed. The electrical control system is installed inside the light pole to avoid the failure of the lifting movement caused by the harsh outdoor environment. There are various circuit overload protection devices in the electrical control system. The conductors of the circuits in the system are widely plated with copper-based silver to ensure good electrical connections. The lifting system of the lifting high pole lamp drives the lifting of the lamp panel through components such as electric motor, (electromagnetic braking) worm gear reducer, safety coupling, main wire rope, auxiliary wire rope, rope splitter and movable pulley group. The worm gear reducer has strong self-locking ability, compact transmission and large transmission ratio. In order to reduce the worm gear and worm gear ratio and reduce the rising torque, a set of movable pulleys is specially added to make the lifting speed of the lamp panel less than 0.2 m/s .
  4. The main steel wire rope is connected with the auxiliary steel wire rope of the lamp panel through the rope splitter, which can avoid the entanglement of the auxiliary steel wire due to the stretching of the main steel wire. The main and auxiliary steel wire ropes are made of high-strength, corrosion-resistant 6*19 type non-rotating galvanized steel wire rope. The lifting pulleys are all made of A3 steel brackets, stainless steel shafts, and copper pulleys that have been hot-dip galvanized to ensure flexible operation without corrosion under normal atmospheric conditions. Various fasteners, washers, clamp rings and other parts are also made of hot-dip galvanized parts or stainless steel.
  5. The lamp panel is equipped with 6 sets of guide pulleys and more than three sets of braking devices. The guide wheels distributed at 120 degrees roll along the surface of the lamp pole during the lifting or lowering process of the lamp panel to ensure that the lamp panel does not swing. The surface of the working part where the guide wheel of the lamp panel is in contact with the surface of the lamp pole adopts a rubber hot pressing process. In order to fully ensure that the lamp panel stops automatically when it reaches the limit position, reliable limit switches are installed for the rising and falling movements of the lamp panel, and over-travel protection is provided. The lifting of the lamp panel of the high pole lamp is realized by changing the rotation direction of the motor. For security and anti-theft, the rectangular cavity is equipped with a sealed door, and a special door lock is installed on the sealed door.
  6. The sealing grade of all lamps of the lift-type high pole lamp is IP65 international standard to prevent the intrusion of dust and rain water and ensure the service life of the bulb. The materials of the lamps are generally made of aluminum alloy plates with good corrosion resistance and stainless steel. The light-transmitting mirror of the lamp adopts tempered glass.
  7. The reflector is generally made of pure aluminum plate after electrochemical polishing treatment, which has excellent reflectivity. The lamp holder has an angle adjustment seat, and the projection angle can be set to ensure that the light configuration is reasonable and the illumination is uniform in different occasions.
  8. The start and stop control of 1000w led stadium lights is manual and automatic, which is very convenient.
  9. The lift-type high-pole lamp is equipped with manual and electric lift control modes, so that the lamp panel can be safely and reliably lowered to 2.5 meters from the ground, which is convenient for maintenance work.
  10. The length of the lead wire of the manual remote control device is 10 meters, and the operator controls the lifting of the lamp panel at a distance of 5 meters, which can ensure the personal safety of the operator.

What’s the light structure?

Light pole: material Q235 steel; anti-corrosion adopts hot-dip galvanizing treatment;
Light pole connection: docking type;
Light pole design: resistance to wind pressure 0.64kpa.
Lamp panel: The material is Q235 hot-dip galvanized steel frame; the lighting range can reach 4000-6000M.
Lamps: The lamp is equipped with an aluminum die-casting shell, a toughened glass translucent cover, and the protection level is IP65;
Light source: High pressure sodium lamp with long life, high efficiency and low energy consumption is adopted.
Lifting mechanism: The lift is installed in the light pole, and the lifting speed is 2.5 m/min-5 m/min; the mechanical limit device is equipped with a torque protection device, which is electric, and the machine can be lifted by hand in the event of a power failure.
Electrical control: The electrical box is placed in the high pole lamp door, and the lifting operation is controlled by the button box 5 meters away from the lamp pole. The time and space or light control mode can be designed to achieve full-load lighting and partial lighting.

What’s the arrangement of 1000w led stadium lights?

The arrangement of 1000w led stadium lights in indoor stadiums can be roughly divided into two types: general even-dispersed arrangement and floodlights on both sides. Both methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. The gymnasium design of this scheme adopts both methods. The 1000w led stadium lights lighting control system can realize various suitable lighting modes, and the best lighting environment can be selected according to the competition event and the level of the competition. The following is a summary and characteristic description of the lighting design, as well as the types of 1000w led stadium lights used and the thoughts on how to improve them.

  • Generally uniform-dispersed arrangement:

Basically, 1000w led stadium lights with a high ceiling are arranged evenly on the ceiling plane, so that the illumination and uniformity of the horizontal plane can be obtained. The light distribution characteristics of the high ceiling 1000w led stadium lights are wide illumination type, which is used in large area and low illumination requirements; narrow illumination type, corresponding to high ceiling and high illumination requirements. However, compared with the horizontal plane illuminance, the vertical plane illuminance is only 1/5, which cannot meet the requirement of high vertical plane illuminance for TV broadcasting.

  • 1000w led stadium lights arrangement on both sides:

The lighting fixtures are floodlights with strong directionality, which are arranged linearly on both sides of the basketball court and other competition venues. In this way, high vertical illuminance can be obtained, which is an effective method to satisfy TV broadcasting. However, the setting of the irradiation direction must be carefully considered, otherwise it will become the cause of glare. In addition, tennis, volleyball, badminton, etc. are sports that athletes often look up. It is recommended that no glare light source is placed directly above.

The combination of the two lighting methods should pay attention to combining the advantages of the two methods, and make up for their shortcomings. The level of the game, the size of the playing field and the frequency of looking up make the composition of the lighting pattern important. Therefore, in the case of low illuminance, the general uniform-dispersed arrangement is the main method, and when high illuminance is required, the two sides of the projector are mainly arranged to set the lighting off mode. Regarding the 1000w led stadium lights used in the arrangement on both sides, considering the light distribution characteristics, the luminosity value of the center should be selected. Furthermore, the overflow light from the center above the center to the top should be minimized. Consider reducing the number of athletes and both sides. The glare of the auditorium is important.

What are features of Bbier 1000w led stadium lights ?

  1. Replace conventional Stadium Lights.
  2. Precision Die Cast Aluminum Housing.
  3. Fade Resistant Powder Coat Finish.
  4. Easy Installation.
  5. CE ROHS listed.
  6. Beam angle:10 25 60 degrees.
  7.  Aluminum die-casting heat sinks is good for heat dissipation.
  8. It’s major to replace the conventiona stadium light.
  9. Green, energy saving, long and reliable life of 50,000 hours.
  10. No RF interference, No IR/UV radiation ,no mercury pollution.
  11. Wide colour availability in degrees Kelvin(K),2700-6700K.
  12. Streamline exterior design, beautiful appearance.
  13. Environment friendly ,energy saving (70~80%).
  14. Special circuit design, each LED work separately, avoiding the single broken LED influence problem.
Power 300W 500W 600W 800W 1000W 1200W
CCT 3000K 4000K 5000K 6000K RGB
Beam Angle 15°30°60° 90°
Luminous Source SMD 3030
Operation Temp. -40 to +45℃
Life Span 50,000 hours at 25℃
Voltage 100-277VAC/50-60HZ, 347-480VAC available
Driver Mean well power supply
Dimming Available
Sensor Microwave sensor Daily sensor available
Control System Zigbee control system + single controller
Cover Transparent, Matte, Lens available
IP 65
PF >0.95
Warranty 5 Years

The 1000w led stadium lights made by Bbier are made of high-quality aviation aluminum, built-in high-quality aviation liquid copper tube for heat dissipation, and strengthens the heat dissipation function. The integrated design of light source, lamp body and lamp cup is reinforced and waterproof, strong light transmission, and UV resistance.

The 1000w led stadium lights are waterproof, explosion-proof, shock-proof and anti-shock. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Adopt internationally recognized Meanwell Taiwan Meanwell power supply, good ventilation and heat dissipation, and comply with safety inspections to ensure safe use.

Bbier led stadium lights 500w adopts international brand imported Philips light source, with low light decay, high brightness and strong stability.

Humanized structure design makes the installation and maintenance of lamps easier. Suitable for multiple installation methods.

Are you going to get Bbier’s 1000w led stadium lights into your business? Just have a call or contact us online, you will be pleasantly surprised to find us a good and reliable supplier, as well as interesting partner in global business.