Today, many people around the world are constantly changing their traditional street lights and changing their minds. It seems that integrated solar powered street lamp will be the best option now. However, for many people who decide to take this action, one of the problems they may face is related to the installation of these solar powered street lamp. Do you still have this problem? These are some of the steps you should follow to ensure that the installation process is successful.


The first thing you need to do is prepare. The installation of these solar powered street lamp involves a lot of things. First, choose the right area. It is recommended that you choose an area directly exposed to sunlight, as it has enough space for charging and updating. After determining the area to be erected, make sure that the location is protected with lines. These lines will help guide non experts to avoid locations within the radius of the building.

Next, you should be familiar with the manual that comes with the integrated solar powered street lamp and make sure you have the complete kit. Some items that should be included in the kit include solar panels, panel flanges, etc. However, some parts may already be integrated together, so there may not be time to fit them into the kit.


Once you’ve completed all the preparation, the next step is to install the foundation. Make sure that the surface you are using is flat and there are no curved patterns. Pick up your base cage and screw it to the floor. Four screws are always recommended. This is to ensure that it is fixed to the ground. After tightening, use a concrete mixture to ensure that the foundation and the ground are cured. With this done, you can now move on to the next phase.

Install the battery box

Installing the battery box also means it’s time to install the battery. Therefore, make sure the battery is firmly placed in the basic cage. It is generally recommended that you keep the battery underground, as this will prevent direct sunlight. It should be about 600 mm below the surface. Make sure you read the manual to understand the electrical connection. Note that this is one of the few places where solar street lights need to be wired. Incomplete connections can cause problems in the future.

Solar powered street lamp installation

Now it’s time to fix your solar powered street lamp. The process starts with raising your ground rod. Make sure it’s only one meter above the ground. You can make sure you get this function accurately with the help of the auxiliary workbench.

After lifting the pole, the solar panel package and the bracket used to fix it to the pole should be picked up. Place it in the position you want and fix it with bolts. It’s important to remember to handle your solar panels carefully, as they are actually the main units that keep your solar system running efficiently. Make sure you know the interrelationships within the system. In other words, make sure the solar panels are properly connected, the connections between the batteries and other units. The next step is to install the solar powered street lamp once it’s on the top. Put your solar powered street lamp on the ground. Make sure it’s facing up. The next step will be to press the buttons on the solar powered street lamp.

Check the connections

Once this is done, it is time to check the entire process to ensure that the work is done correctly. Some of the things you need to focus on are the wiring in the battery and the components that form part of the pole circuit. Make sure everything is well connected and there is little chance of an accident.

Put up your pole

Now, all you have to do is make sure the pole is up. This can be easily achieved by crane. Make sure that the pole overlaps the base plate completely. Complete an operation, and then you can use most of it. There is another thing. Just make sure your controller is in the solar powered street lamp. This will help you use solar powered street lamp effectively. Putting your controller internally and maintaining good connectivity is the last step in the puzzle, and it’s very important in this regard.


There’s a reason everyone likes to use integrated solar powered street lamp. One of these reasons is that it makes life easier and the installation process is faster. Most components may also be integrated into it. In other words, you may not need to perform all of the installation steps listed below. If you want to get these integrated solar powered street lamp, del illumination is an ideal choice. They now have some of the best integrated xxx. You will be satisfied with their quality and durability.

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