Teasers of UFO High Bay light

A UFO high bay light-weight is devised as a UFO Disc. This Disc-shaped LED luminaire system is featured with a vital flat aluminum guard with optics that square measure exactly organized to optimize the distribution of sunshine around a given space without creating dependency on any large reflectors.

Generally, this high bay light usage depends upon its ceiling height, angle of installation, power of fixture, and radiant flux. It should be put in within the areas wherever the peak of the ceiling is 15ft or higher. Such as, if you mount this Warehouse light of 100W on the ceiling height but lower than 15ft, you may not be snug with the emitted lighting because it is irresistible and attributable to excessive brightness.

How to Hang UFO High Bay Light?

There are 3 ways to put in these lighting, and every depends upon the categories of its mounting, as this UFOt High Bay Lights are OK with 3 mounts i.e.

Hook Mount

Ceiling Mount

½” NPT Mount

Now, let’s learn something about the steps of installation for all these mounts:

Here I am starting with,

1,Hook Mount

# Step:1

Turning off the power

Make sure that power is turned off before beginning the procedure of installation. Any negligence is a threat as you’ll be able to get hit by an electrical shock if you don not turn off the electric.

# Step:2


Now connect the wire connected with the fixture to AC power. Connect the black colored wire with a live wire, the white one with the neutral line, and the green one with ground wire. If you would like to avoid risk, check that that you just haven’t mixed the wire.

# Step:3

Screwing the Lifting Ring

If the ceiling of your area is prepared for mounting. or if the hook is already mounted, then you’ll hook the UFO high bay light with the hook directly. however if the ceiling isn’t able to hook or the hook isn’t mounted, drill a hole to mount the hook. you’ll notice a lifting ring or a hook hanger with a fixture. Screw that lifting ring on the High Bay led light fixture, then tighten the screws firmly.

# Step:4

Drooping the UFO High Bay Light

Droop the UFO High Bay light on the ceiling-mounted hook with the help of a lifting ring.

# Step:5

Want to connect the dimmer?

If the UFO LED High Bay light purchased by you. And it is featured with a dimming facility, you’ll realize 2 extra wires to connect the dimmer. With the assistance of a dimmer, you’ll regulate the quantity of light as per demand. the various colors of the wires represents DIM+ and DIM- adjustment. Please check the lamp level for being confirmed that wire represents what adjustment?

And if you are doing not have the need of dimming feature, then there’s no needs to use each of these wires.

# Step: 6

Now, time to turn on the power

Once connecting it to the switch, the lighting fixture is ready for use. Just turn on the power and enjoy the perfect illumination.

2, Ceiling  Mount

Lights also can get mounted on the ceiling by creating usage of a U-formed bracket. If you compare this ceiling mount with the aforesaid hook mount, you’ll find that the distinction that you need to prepare your own U-formed bracket for mounting this fixture on the roof. this kind of frame also can be used for adjusting the angles. I like this mounting technique provided that you’re precise concerning the angle of lighting.

# Step:1

Turn off the power

Repeating the same step, you need to turn off the power first. No operation should get started if the power switch is on.


Wire connection

The same way is needed for the association as before. have to be compelled to connect with the AC power with the live, ground wire, and neutral line.

# Step:3

Mount the U-shaped bracket

The U-formed bracket ought to be mounted on each side of the UFO high bay light with the assistance of screws, and be assured that the light might get decorated beside the frame.

# Step:4

How to droop the U-shaped bracket on the ceiling or wall?

Use chalk or a pointy tool to mark on the highest of the ceiling or wall. Currently, measure the gap between the 2 holes and drill little holes on the wall’s marked purpose employing a driller. the outlet ought to be of a similar diameter per the plastic growth tube. Keep the hammer handy with you, in order that you’ll be able to hit on the growth tube for fixing the screws tightly through a U-shaped bracket for safeguarding the bracket on the ceiling or wall. Once when obtaining finished this step, solely the fixture will get suspended.

# Step:5

Dimmer Connection

If required, then only connect the wires on the light with dimmer.


Angle adjustment and turning on the power

By using a U-shaped bracket, you can adjust the angle of the light. Finally, connect the switch and turn on the power.

3, ½” NPT Mount

For mounting the UFO High Bay lightweight, you’ll use ½” NPT. during this mounting, there’s the necessity of a steel pipe and brackets. mistreatment these each things, you’ll mount the sunshine.

# Step:1

Unscrewing and making corresponding holes

Secure the bracket on the light and then unscrew the ½” NPT nut and make the corresponding holes on the bracket through the ½” NPT.

# Step:2

Tightening of the screws

Connect the steel pipe and bracket and tighten that unscrew nut.

# Step:3

Suspending process and the final one

Now you can suspend the steel pipe up, and for the lighting result, you can follow the same steps mentioned above to connect the light to AC power.

Please choose any of them as per your preference, and all of these installation methods are applicable for the UFO LED High Bay lights offered by bbier led lighting company.

I hope this blog will help you if you are looking for an assisting guide for installing UFO LED High Bay Lights. If you have any more queries, doubts, or suggestions, please let us know by dropping an e-mail at info@bbier.com. We will be more than happy and will love to write a blog based on your suggestion.