Although led solar street lamp has a long lifespan, it is consumable. But do you know how to install solar street lights? If you want to prolong its service life, it should be regularly maintained and kept in good repair. Below are some LED solar street light installation guides and maintenance procedures for your guidance.

New technologies can improve safety, protect the environment, and provide cost-effective solutions. Solar street lights provide all the attractive things that integrate renewable energy and smart technology. However, change usually requires some effort first. Ensure that all solar street light system components are ready for final assembly and installation. So, how big is the challenge of installing solar street lights? Because I often receive such questions, I wrote this blog post to explain in detail how to install solar LED street lights step by step.

How To Install Your Solar LED Street Lights?

Step 1 – The Foundation Of The Pole

The steel cage used as an anchor should have four metal bolts. Most solar street light poles have a base with holes in the base through which these bolts can pass. The cage is fixed with cement. You just need to fix the cage with some cement at the bottom of the hole. Then you can fill in the holes after the installation is complete.


Step 2 – Placing The Solar Battery

The battery must be installed in a protective enclosure (IP67) on the ground or on the ground to better protect the battery from theft and temperature fluctuations.

Connect the wires as we described in the text above to connect the solar cells to the poles in the solar controller. In this way, the generated solar energy can be transferred to the battery-the wires will run inside the poles.

Step 3 – Prepare The Solar Panel And The LED Light

Prepare your solar panel and LED lights while the pole is still lying on the ground. It’s easier to work on their wiring in this position than when they’re at an elevated level after installation.

The LED light and the solar panel must also be secured to the pole with bolts, or via the mechanisms the manufacturer provides.

Remember, solar panels are quite fragile components. These devices must be extremely careful to prevent unnecessary damage.

The position must create a proper angle, the solar panels face in the correct direction:

-In the northern hemisphere, the surface of the panel must face south

-In the southern hemisphere, the surface must face north

-Ensure that nearby buildings and trees will not leave shadows on the panel

Before you erect the pole, connect all the wires and test your solar panels and LED lights. If you cover the solar panels-as it is now at night-the LED lights will light up. If your solar LED street light model is designed to react to movement, you can also test these features.

Step 4 – The Pole With Solar Controller

The solar controller is placed inside the pole with connected wires to the solar panel and the LED lights. After you properly connect these components, you can hoist up your solar street light pole.

You can use cranes or trucks, but another benefit of modern technology is. Although many solar street lights are durable, they are still very bright. You can lift it yourself, or you can ask a few workers to help. This is a practical solution if your solar LED light is installed in a place that cannot be approached by any vehicle. In addition, the smart solar street light has a modular design, allowing you to erect it with your bare hands, because each pillar is composed of a pair of modules, which are connected to each other.

Anchor the pole by fitting the holes into the steel cage’s bolts and secure it with nuts. Use a spirit level to ensure the pole is lifted up and placed under straight angle. If installed at an inappropriate angle, it can cause strain that can damage the foundation over time.

The wires running from the solar battery must be connected to the solar controller too. Allow for these wires to reach the battery pack through the soil or concrete that forms your foundation.

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