In the 21st century, social economy and technology continue to develop, but at the same time we are also facing severe resource shortages. Therefore, scientists have devoted themselves to the development of new energy sources.

The advent of solar energy has brought great benefits to mankind. Water heaters, electric motors, street lights, etc. that use solar energy as energy are widely used by people and have many benefits. In addition to being a first-class energy source, solar energy is also sustainable. This is one of the reasons why many people put their money into solar energy applications, such as solar powered led street lights. According to the International Energy Agency, more than 500000 solar panels are installed every day around the world.

However, it is not always sunny all the year round. What if you happen to live in snow and cold weather? You may be worried about the performance of solar powered led street lights in winter. You would say a serious concern, right? In addition, sometimes a few hours of exposure to solar panels can be the most important obstacle for you to experience.

The performance of solar powered led street lights in cold weather

External temperature does not affect the efficiency of solar panels in any way. All solar panels need is sunlight, and cold weather seems to help them perform at their best. Let’s look at how cold weather can improve the performance of solar panels.

  1. Prevent solar panels from overheating

Solar cells convert solar energy into electricity directly through the process of converting light (photons) into electrical energy. So as long as the sun rises, cold weather will not affect the process at all. In fact, in a hot climate, solar panels tend to get hot because of the intense heat. This is certainly not going to happen in cold regions, which means that the benefits of low temperatures for solar powered led street lights are greater.

  1. Snows and solar panels

Another reason people tend to be suspicious of solar powered led street lights is snow. However, this is not a big problem. First of all, snow is soft and lightweight, and most panels are designed to withstand a certain amount of weight without affecting its quality and durability. Second, snow usually melts or slides onto the panel before affecting the performance of solar panels.

However, if snow blocks the solar panels of solar powered led street lights due to stormy weather, it’s very easy to clean by yourself or by a professional. Nevertheless, the snow covering the solar panels does greatly affect the solar powered led street lights. This can even benefit solar panels, because the smooth white snow surface works almost like a mirror as the snow surface tends to reflect light.

How to maintain solar powered led street lights in cold weather?

Here are some tips to achieve a sustainable power at the maximum level for solar powered led street lights:

  1. Put the solar panels at a better angle

In winter, the angle of sunlight is lower than usual. So ideally, solar panels should be placed at a better Angle to capture enough sunlight on a sunny day to maximize power generation. Make sure the solar panel faces south.

  1. Never removethe snow immediately

In case the solar panels are covered with snow, please don’t rush to remove them immediately. You can either melt the snow with water or let it slide off on its own. Unless you use a dedicated solar panel snow thrower made for this purpose, attempting snow removal may damage the solar panel. If this option is not available, you need to ask a professional to clean the solar panel.


The colder climate has little effect on the efficiency of solar energy applications. Therefore, if you want to reduce your carbon footprint and save costs, you should not delay purchasing solar powered led street lights for lighting applications.

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