Many gas stations have over time found that high-quality LED gas station light fixtures supply great benefits such as lower maintenance costs due to longer life span and the products’ ruggedness, less Co2 emission, and higher energy savings. Not only does LED lighting contribute to the station’s outcome, but also it helps to remain businesses competitive because the source provides a good expression that attracts and retains customers as well.

Multi-purpose lighting–100w led gas station light

You’ve probably heard this before, but it’s actually true – LED technology is the light source that provides the highest brightness without dazzle while maintaining good light and energy efficiency. Firstly, it is important that customers can orient themselves at all times of the day, which requires high brightness and a good CRI value. In some cases, it may be the right choice to install a lighting solution with motion sensors with a switch on/off function. This means, that gas stations do not have a constant light but it will be adjusted depending on whether there is movement or not and will produce savings on the energy level. Many stations have a shop attached, and the first impression is of course important and why the light should be powerful and beautiful.

Gas Station Lighting Standard

With the rapid development of the world’s automotive industry, the construction of gas stations has shown rapid progress, however, the development has also highlighted some problems, which are reflected as “poor light efficiency”, “poor quality”, and “visual poor”. Specifically, the “three poor-performance” in gas station lighting are mainly manifested in the following aspects:Poor light efficiency: less use of high-efficiency light sources of 100w the led gas station light. Nowadays, primary gas stations still use incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, energy-saving lamps, mercury lamps, self-ballasted mercury lamps, etc.; lamps with reasonable structure and high light source utilization are used too Less, resulting in lower light efficiency; the light source used does not match the power configuration of the appliance.

Poor quality: The light source has low luminous flux, short life, and lamp bead and driver is not the brand driver and brand lamp lead just normal driver and poor lamp bead. Resulting infrequent replacement and easily broken. Unreasonable structure, materials of light, resulting in poor physical strength and easy installation. The anti-rust and anti-aging process of the material is not strict, and the service life is short.

Poor visual effect: The glare is too strong and it is very eye-catching, causing the visual discomfort of the staff, especially the refueling driver. The light sources with more horizontal settings have high technical requirements for the direction of the light source, and the installation is unreasonable, resulting in low overall uniformity. Too many configurations not only cause waste but also cause excessive glare. The lack of a beautiful appearance affects the overall image of the gas station.

These “three poor-performance” decreased the image of the gas station, which in turn affected the economic benefits of the gas station, and put us at a disadvantage in the competition with our peers. The gas station lighting not only has a direct impact on employees’ vision, work efficiency, and physical health but also is an important part of the beautification of the gas station environment. With the requirements of modern cities, it is not enough for the gas station lighting to meet the work needs. A glorious and colorful gas station at night is a beautiful landscape of the city. Therefore, the lighting of the gas station must not only solve the problem of the quality of the lighting. Qualified companies should also consider installing a variety of highly modern equipment such as spotlights, contour lights, and neon lights.

How to maintain the led gas station light

1.Make sure that the power has been turned off before maintenance.
2. Regularly clean the lens of the ceiling light to maintain good light transmission.
3. Regularly clean the outer casing of the mining lamp and the dust of the radiator to maintain good heat dissipation.
4. Be careful not to clean with water or a corrosive solution, preferably with a dry cloth.
5. When replacing the power supply(driver), you can directly open the back cover with a screwdriver and take out the power supply. The AC power supply has three wires connected according to the red corresponding to the “L” on the power supply, and the blue corresponding to the “N” on the power supply, yellow-green or yellow corresponding. The red or white wire of the DC power cable corresponds to the positive black wire of the power supply corresponding to the negative pole of the power supply. Note that the positive and negative poles should not be reversed.
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