With more and more technology coming in, more and more LED Work Light models are available. In this buying guide, we will be walking through and talking about the different types of LED work lights and the important factors that you need to consider while buying one.

Types of LED work light

  1. Portable

These refer to model lights, which are easy to hold and can be clipped to a worker’s belt. They are battery-powered and are more like flashlights that illuminate a specific direction. Portable LED work lights are very good for handymen and repairmen who work at a certain height or depth. More specifically, it refers to those who hang out somewhere and cannot carry heavy lights.

  1. The basis of the station

Standard forms of lighting, these forms of LED work lights, as the name says, have a bracket where they can be placed immediately.

  1. Based on the clip

Clamp-on LED work lights are a bit like portable LED lights (most of them are actually portable battery-powered lights. As the name suggests, these types of lights have a specific clamp that can be buckled or clamped to a surface, but in appearance Larger than most portable lamp models.

Factors To Consider And Look After While Buying An Led Work Light

  1. Purpose

The most basic thing you need to look for in the light is the purpose it serves. Do you need a point light source to do point light work, or do you need a large light source that can illuminate all directions?

Focus lights are mainly used for single point operations. Such as fixing the circuit board of the elevator, or arranging something on the ship, or something similar.

Multi-focus light or all-focus light is more used for multi-focus work. This includes a wide range of repairs, paint jobs, car dashboard repairs or the like. You usually put these lights on the ground, they have a large retractable pole.

  1. Brightness

As for the led work lights, the brightness of the light is the second most important factor. Brightness comes from different levels, even with these levels, you will not pursue the highest level. why?

This is because you want to choose the right brightness for the job you need. For example, if you are doing a small job, such as fixing a small dashboard, or soldering a small connector or soldering a small circuit, you need a small light of about 200 or the same brightness.

If you do more extensive work outdoors or regular outdoor work, then you need a wide-angle and high-brightness work light with a brightness of 2000 or more lumens.

  1. Battery life

Most of led work lights are battery-powered because they are easy to carry. Generally, AAA batteries (3 or 4) or higher brightness batteries for small lamps also use lithium ion batteries.

Some of these lamps are also equipped with rechargeable batteries. Some of the lights have very high battery capacity and are also equipped with a reverse USB port for easy charging. This means that they are like power banks, allowing you to charge your phone with empty batteries, etc.

  1. Warranty

Considering that these gadgets are usually one-off low-priced products, not many have a warranty. But high-quality, sturdy spot-focus lamps (even some brand-name lamps) have at least one year manufacturer’s warranty. Some prestigious brands with high-quality lamps even offer up to 2 and 3 years manufacturer’s warranty as well. The higher the price, the better the deal during the warranty period.

  1. Bulb’s freedom of movement

A secondary factor you may want to consider is the ability of the bulb to move, no matter which direction you want the light to point. Although this may not be a required function for 360-degree omnidirectional bulbs, lamps based on single-focus bulbs may require this function because although they are portable, they may need to be turned to the side if they are fixed to the surface by magnets or hooks.

  1. Other factors

Apart from the above-mentioned factors, other minor factors that you might want to consider while buying a  LED work light are something like its fixture points ? (whether it has a hook based clamping or does it have a magnetic bottom that lets you stick it to a metal surface.

Others might be factors such as the robustness of the cords, the waterproof build material (for outdoor stand lights) or its stand quality, retractable tripod features or also the bulb replacement ability or if the light is COB (Chip on Board) LED or not.

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