What is the selectable Color Temperature and wattage LED light fixture?

Original Author: Freya-Bbier Lighting                                 Date: June 16, 2022

Table of Contents:

  1. The problems that distributors and electrical contractors are facing now.
  2. What is the selectable CCT and wattage LED fixture?
  3. What are the benefits of selectable LED lighting?
  4. Do you have any other adjustable wattage& CCT LED lamps?
  5. Do your selectable lights with any certificates?
  6. Where can I buy the adjustable LED fixtures?
  7. How to use it?
  8. Where can the adjustable lighting be used for?
  9. Who will need the adjustable lights?
  10. Summary

As a distributor, electrical contractor, project contractor, etc of LED lighting,

Do you know how to save your inventory funds by 80%?
Do you know the Selectable CCT & Wattage LED Lighting?

Wanna solve the following problems that you guys are facing now?
1. The funds are tied up because of overstocking lots of lamps.
2. Lamps can’t often meet different customers’ needs, and do not sell well.
3. For lighting projects, the existing lamps can’t flexibly adjust the color temperature and wattage according to the site.

What benefits youll get with the selectable CCT & watt LED lighting?
1. Save money by 80%. Improve capital turnover.
2. Help you meet the needs of different clients, sell well, and serve well.
3. Flexibility and can be perfect for lighting projects and many applications.
4. And more

Who benefits a lot from the adjustable lights?
* Wholesalers
* Distributors
* Electrical Contractors
* Project Contractors
olor Temperature attage LED light fixture?

That is a light fixture can provide multiple Correlated Color Temperatures (CCT), and multiple Wattages thanks to the
new LED lighting technology.

For example, a single lamp integrated with 3 gears of color temperatures 3000K/ 4000K/ 5000K and 3 gears of wattage
30W/ 50W/ 75W in it. Then we can select the right CCT and wattage according to the exact application, different needs,
or our preference.

Take our selectable CCT & wattage LED post-top light as an example.
You can adjust the CCT from warm light (3000K) to natural light (4000K) followed by cool light (5000K). And you can
also adjust the wattage from a lower wattage of 30 to 50W to a higher wattage of 75. Higher wattage, higher lumen,
and brighter. Just choose the right one according to your exact needs. It’s very flexible.

Moreover, a photocell sensor can help automatically turn off the lights during the day and turn on the lights at night.
It will save a lot of power energy and money for you.

Consequently, the adjustable color temperature and wattage LED lamps are also called all-in-one adjustable LED lights.

Options ( for LED post-top area light)
* CCT: 4000K+ 5000K+ 6500K
* Watt: 50W+ 75W+ 100W; 80W+ 100W+ 120W
* Options: Photocell sensor, motion sensor, emergency battery, gateway, etc.
* Customization is available.

Get more clearly by Youtube video at video

What are the benefits of selectable LED lighting?

1. Flexibility

1) For distributors and electrical contractors, one lamp can meet the different needs of customers for different wattage
and color temperatures.

That means if you have the selectable CCT (3000K/ 4000K/ 5000K) and watt (30W/ 50W/ 75W) LED lamps, then you can
flexibly sell them to the customer who only wants 75W 5000K or 30W 3000K.

Then, you no need to worry that the lights you purchase are not satisfied with the different needs of different clients. And
with that, you can be able to manage your clients well by providing more excellent service.

2) Besides the distributors and electrical contractors, selectable LED lighting is also flexible for the end-users. Because your
end-users can freely set and adjust different color temperatures and wattage requirements according to their individual
needs and preferences.

1) Thanks to the flexibility, this kind of LED lamp maximum helps you to meet the needs of clients for different wattages and
color temperatures.

Give an example to illustrate in detail. You buy Bbier Lighting’s LED post-top lights with selectable CCT 3000K/ 4000K/ 5000K
and wattage 30W/ 50W/ 75W, and other selectable CCT 4000K/ 5000K/ 6000K and 80W/ 100W/ 120W. Then you can satisfy
the client who only wants 50W 4000K or 120W 6000K.

That means you can sell more quickly, and you don’t have to worry about overstocking.

2) Save a lot of hidden costs and time you didn’t know about

Help the wholesalers, distributors, and electrical contractors save much time communicating and placing orders with the lighting
suppliers or lighting factories. If there are some lighting vendors around your local places, then you can cut down on travel time
and postage on the way back and forth.

3) Save time and higher efficiency on management products

1 SKU= 9 SKU. That means you only enter 1 SKU of selectable LED fixture instead of 9 SKUs of regular LED lamps. That’s to say
one selectable LED lamp helps you save at least 8 SKUs, from 9 SKUs cut down to 1 SKU.

Thus, the adjustable LED lights are able to help you save much time in entering product information and make it easier and higher
efficient. And it also saves you from the hassle of complex and repetitive work.

3. Save your inventory funds at least 80%

1) Low inventory pressure, and high capital turnover.

1 SKU= 9 SKU. 1 SKU of adjustable LED lights covers 9 SKU of regular LED lights, then you can save lots of money up to 80%.
Then there’s no need to buy more lamps and pay more.

Thanks to the adjustable lights, they help you sell quickly and improve your capital turnover. Then, you can buy more new lighting
products by saving money to serve more customers.

So, how MUCH can I save?

Now, let’s work out how much money you’ve lost by using the example prices? Without analyzing and breaking down the details,
you wouldn’t know it.

Here is a chart below to help you get it clearly.

Unbelievable! You can see the exact figures from the chart clearly. You guys have lost too much money before, haven’t you? Now,
let’s save and get money via the adjustable light fixtures.

2) Save a lot of space in the warehouses

The important thing is that if you can get a lot of space for your warehouse, then there’s no need to spend much money to rent
a bigger one. That can also save you a lot of money.
Or you can store other new model LED lighting products by saving space.


Therefore, with the CCT and wattage adjustable LED lighting, we can help the electrical contractors, project contractors, and
distributors, to solve the following problems.

* Much money is trapped by overstocking LED lights.

* The lamps you purchase can’t often meet different customers’ needs.

Though the lamps you purchase are based on the customers’ needs, the customers will change their preferences soon and ask
about other different wattages and CCT. Thence, the sales volume is not good and will result in a large backlog of lights.

* Waste much time and money.
Regarding the lighting projects, if the solution or standard is changed, your existing lamps will not meet the wattage and CCT
requirements of the site.

Because your lamps can not flexibly adjust the CCT and wattage to solve those problems in time. You have to turn back to the
lighting vendors for purchasing the new right lamps to satisfy the present projects.

Do you have any other adjustable wattage & CCT LED lamps?

Yes. Our adjustable LED lighting series is as followings:
* LED UFO High Bay Light
* LED Shoebox Light
* LED Wall Pack Light
* LED Canopy Light
* LED Retrofit Kits
* LED Post Top Light

Even some items with 4 different wattages can be adjustable, maximum the value and saving much money for our clients.

You can click here to know more:

Do your selectable lights with any certificates?

Yes. Our selectable lights with ETL/DLC listed and CE/RoHS certificates.

Where can I buy the adjustable LED fixtures?

1. If you want to cooperate with us or customize your excellent unique selectable LED fixtures, just tell us more and reach us
freely at info@bbier.com.

2. Take them from our California warehouse in America.
Bbier Lighting wattage and CCT adjustable LED lamps are the top-rated items in the world. To save much time and money
for our clients, we have enough stock for LED lighting products in the California warehouse. That allows our customers to
get them easily and quickly.

The European warehouses will be open soon.

Let’s save much and add value for the customers together now.

How to use it? Is it easy?

It’s easy. For maximum easier our customers, we marked an instruction on the cap of the lamp. Each lamp built-in two sliders,
one for changing the wattage, and the other one for changing the color temperature. You can change the one you like by sliding
the sliders up and down. It’s very flexible and easy to use.

To allow our customers to know clearly, here is a video of Bbier lighting’s selectable CCT and wattage LED light on Youtube.
Click here: youtube

Where can the adjustable lighting be used for?

They can be used for a wide range of applications. Such as:
Parking lots, streets, roadways, entryways, driveways, gardens, courtyards, campus, landscape areas, warehouses, workshops,
garages, industrial areas, building facades, project lighting, etc.

Who will need the adjustable lights?

* Wholesalers
* Distributors
* Electrical Contractors
* Project Contractors
* Building Owners/Operators
* Online/Offline LED Lighting Stores
* End-users


In a word, the selectable wattage and color temperature LED fixtures benefit everyone involved. As the lamps feature flexibility
and save much, they are perfect for wholesalers, distributors, electrical contractors, project contractors, building owners/operators,
end-users, etc. So it’s an ideal solution for sellers and end-users.

Now, let’s save more from here!

Discover more other selectable LED lights that we are pleased to offer!