The power range of led shoebox fixtures varies from 50 watts to 600 watts. They can output over 80,000 lumens. LED shoebox fixtures can replace high pressure sodium or metal halide lamps up to 2000 watts with as little as 300 watts. 1000 watts can be replaced with 300 watt LEDs and 400 watts with 150 watt parking lot led shoebox fixtures. That’s how bright they become LED area lights.

Where did the name led shoebox fixture come from?

Lighting has a habit of getting nicknames based on how they look. Some examples are corn light bulbs, UFO high bay lights and led shoebox fixtures. All are named after their appearance, regardless of light.

The old shoebox fixture was a rectangular box with an integrated heat sink that helped dissipate heat properly from the bulb in the middle. For this reason, the light housing looks like a shoebox, hence the name shoebox light. This housing for led shoebox fixtures dates back decades. Modern LED sports field lighting and LED parking lot lights are a bit more stylish, but still generally have a rectangular shape.

What happened to led shoebox fixture lighting?

While led shoebox fixtures have been around for a while, the new model includes some major improvements. There are newer technologies for better heatsinks that dissipate the heat smoothly. This allows higher efficiency LEDs to be used. Some of the latest models are 140-180 lumens/watt. Most lights have 0-10v dimming so there is a lot of control. There is also a zone control system that takes into account external lighting conditions and manages the energy output of the light.

Higher efficiency – up to 140-180 lumens per watt
The performance of led shoebox fixtures is greatly improved. Just a few years ago, it was 0-90 lumens per watt. Today, large LED street lights and LED high bay lights should be 130-150 lumens or more. Power is efficiently managed through systems such as motion sensors, dimmers, and other smart energy management systems.

What is an LED driver? Each LED light is equipped with a driver. The driver is the most critical part of the LED light. It does most of the work and is the number one point of failure.

What does it do? An LED driver is a self-contained power supply that converts ordinary AC power from 110-277 volts to DC power usable by LEDs. LEDs operate on direct current, so a converter is required. Providing consistent, clean power to LEDs is the key to extending their lifespan.

Why do you need to care about drivers? LED drivers are more important than you might think in terms of light quality and longevity. A good driver and high power factor can boost lumens to watts and ensure your lights will last for over 20 years.
Choose a major brand like Meanwell for your driver to ensure you get the best quality.

The driver now provides dimming using 0-10v technology for better light management. Using dimming is not an option in many led shoebox fixture applications as it is difficult to run extra wires. Can be done on a pole or in a new installation.

What is the type of installation?

Different types of led shoebox fixture brackets are available. These mounts are designed based on the type of pole you plan to use. The following are common choices:

  • Arm Mount or Direct Mount: Arm LED lights look the cleanest. They usually have two bolts, top and bottom. While they look better, they are the least flexible.
  • Slip Mount: A slip mount or slip mount is a mount that mounts on a standard 2 3/8 inch light pole. The biggest advantage of sliding pliers is the ability to reorient the light where you need it. Whether it is installed horizontally or vertically, it has many options. Especially with LED playground lights, you’ll want a better fit.
  • Yoke or Trunnion Mount: This is a 2-bolt mount designed to bolt directly to a pole or elsewhere. They are versatile, but keep in mind that they must be able to withstand lights ranging from 13 lbs to 40 lbs. We generally only recommend mounting on sturdy metal poles or facades.
  • Wall Brackets or Tablet Brackets: Wall brackets are a more flexible option for using led shoebox fixtures on buildings. Take the 78-101 or 78-102 for example. Wall lights typically max out at around 120 watts, while led shoebox fixtures go up to 600 watts. Use a wall mount.

What is a diffuser?

An LED diffuser is something specifically designed to spread and brake light evenly into that location. It will help reduce hot spots and glare from all lights. We have all walked in a light that seemed to blind us. This is never ideal. In the lighting design, we want to have a lot of soft light that is comfortable on the eyes. Diffuser panels are key to large commercial lighting. You don’t want to blind customers or employees with light. The best lighting is the one you don’t notice.

Diffusers can be glass, acrylic or polycarbonate. Usually, they are polycarbonate and come in the form of flat plates, or small air bubbles on each LED. The bubbles are actually optical grade diffusers to reduce glare and stay on longer. Glass is popular for its appearance and resistance to yellowing. Glass is often used for outdoor LED wall lights because it is directly exposed to sunlight. Most led shoebox fixtures have polycarbonate diffusers because they face down and out of direct sunlight.

How does it reduce glare? Like a lampshade, it occupies the bright center of the light and tries to deflect the angle as much as possible. This effectively makes the light zone larger than it actually is, and therefore softer on the eyes.

How to select the best led shoebox fixture?

Lighting is undoubtedly one of the main concerns of any commercial or residential area. Everyone wants to have the best lighting equipment that provides efficient lighting while reducing maintenance costs. Today, led shoebox fixtures are the most popular choice. Whether it’s a shop or other type of commercial real estate, most contractors and distributors today prefer to install led shoebox fixtures because of their energy savings and low maintenance costs.

The selection part of the best led shoebox fixture can be a bit complicated, that’s why we decided to give you an absolute guide to help you choose the best led shoebox fixture efficiently.

1. Check reliability

The first thing to expect when switching to a led shoebox fixture is its reliability. LED technology helps users reduce electricity bills and provides brighter light through it.

2. Items replaced or updated

The next thing you need to consider is a replacement or new item. If you plan to turn on LED lighting, it’s a good idea to check your local city ordinance. For newer projects, you must be licensed and must provide proof of expected ratings. And in the case of replacement, you can check the lighting fixture, type of fixture, wattage to use, voltage, light level, your preferences, and other different things. You can also take photos of the locations where you would be willing to install your new LED light fixtures to get a better idea before finding the best light fixtures for yourself.

3. Installation location of LED lamps

Every available LED luminaire has a set of functions, sizes and shapes that make a big difference in where it is installed. If you’re replacing a led shoebox fixture, you can identify your existing fixture and how it’s mounted, then you can get a compatible LED fixture, but if you’re installing a new fixture for a new build, you might consider the following, whether it’s wall mount or pole mount Install.

4. Determine the required wattage

The next thing you need to do in the league is to determine the wattage required by the led shoebox fixture. In the case of replacement, you can consider the wattage required previously, and you can then decide on similar LED light options. However, if you are working on a new project without existing fixtures, you can check and compare HTM lighting with your layout design.

5. Buy the right LED lamps

Buying a new LED light fixture is a very seamless process. Different best options can be compared based on pricing and their specifications, and the best option can then be selected for you.

In conclusion

A perfect led shoebox fixture can transform the look of any commercial area. These types of lights are very durable and require low maintenance. If you are looking to buy the best led shoebox fixture, we have a guide here to help you.