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7 Seri Bohlam Jagung LED terbaik untuk tahun 2021 | Retrofit Atas Posting LED


SMD garden lights/yard lights replace CFL, E27/E26 20W LED corn lights. Special circuit design, each LED works independently to avoid the problem of bad effects of single LED. With small wattage but 360-degree illumination beam angle, they will replace the old lamps.

Widely used in homes, schools, hotels, gardens, etc., it is a convenient and energy-saving solution that can replace traditional high-pressure sodium and metal halide sources in enclosed lighting fixtures. With the detachable lamp holder, you can install the lamp on the luminaire as a chandelier or pole top.

They have excellent optical performance, improve visibility and low power consumption. The lamp life is up to 50,000 hours, which can significantly reduce energy consumption and lamp replacement costs. It can have a transparent or frosted cover, which is ideal for many applications that require metal halide or HID lighting.

When you need LED HID retrofit lights for pole tops or replacement of energy-consuming warehouse lights, this LED corn bulb is the perfect retrofit for various situations.

Make sure to remove or bypass the ballast in the luminaire before installing the luminaire

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