A Night Light is a small-sized electrical light source that uses low power and is placed in indoor areas that become dark at night to provide comfort or convenience. They create a feeling of security and lessen fears of the dark, mostly in children.Do you have a lamp that you like to keep on throughout the night? It’s a common feature in most homes. But, is it safe? Read on!

Is it Safe to Turn On a Night Light All Night?

  • Consider low wattage bulbs–Consider low-wattage bulbs that are less likely to overheat and melt.
  • Location–Ensure that you mount a night light in a place that it is not adjacent to or touching the bed, carpet, curtains, or any other flammable material.
  • Check the brightness–Choose a nightlight with low brightness.

What are the Advantages of Leaving a Night Light on All Night?

  • Security.

Night lighting can prevent thieves and robbers from breaking into the house and stealing valuables. The night light can provide enough light to reduce the possibility of being robbed.

  • Better visibility.

A lamp or night light can make sure walkways or stairs are visible during the night. This can help keep those late night injuries at bay.

A light can help you see the obstacles before you feel them

  • Profitable.

Using a nightlight is more cost-effective compared to using overhead light.

  • Relieving nyctophobia.

Night Light illuminates a room hence relieving nyctophobia mostly to small children.


Low wattage LED bulbs are safe to leave on all night. LED bulbs are cool to the touch. They will not overheat which makes them a great option for a light that stays on for long durations.

The timer can help you manage the light on and off, and can give you peace of mind when you are away.