About LED Shoebox Lightings

LED Shoebox Lightings provide an effective way to light up a large area with ease. They are pole mount  light fixtures found in parking lots and large outdoor areas.

Current traditional styles like Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium fixtures range from 400 Watts to 1000 Watts and can easily be replaced with LED Lights. They come in a myriad of power options which range from 50 watts to 500 watts and can produce up to 70,000 lumens. You can expect your lighting bill to reduced by 50% to 80% after you convert to LED.

Why are shoebox lighting plans important?

Led Shoebox Lightings Plans allow you to see your parking lot modeled inside software. The resulting Light Plan shows you how bright the area is and how well distributed the light is. Using the software, different types of lights, wattages, optics and mounting angles can be adjusted to find the optimal lighting for your parking light.

A shoebox lighting plan will show you light levels (in foot candles or lux) and provide you with an indication of how even the lighting is. We can optimize the plan without you spending $1 on lights. This ensures success when you decide to move forward with you lighting conversion project.

How many lumens do I need when replacing my old shoebox lights?

To replace 400 Watt Metal Halide, consider fixtures between 15,000 and 25,000 (LED) lumens. To replace 1000 Watt Metal Halide, look for LED fixtures producing 40,00 to 55,000 (LED) lumens. Ultimately, the real answer lies in performing a shoebox lighting plan for your parking  or large area – which we provide for free.

Metal Halide Shoebox to LED Conversion

Traditional Shoebox Light LED Shoebox – Lumens (100% directional)
250 Watt Metal Halide 10,000 – 12,000 LED lumens
400 Watt Metal Halide 15,000 – 25,000 LED lumens
1000 Watt Metal Halide 40,000 – 55,000 LED lumens


What are the most common color temperature for outdoor led shoebox light fixtures?

The two most popular color temperatures are 4000K and 5000K.

5000K is a good replacement for Metal Halide Shoe box lights.

Many states have rules that only allows for 4000K or lower installed outdoors.

In comparison, High Pressure Sodium lights are 2200K – 2300K. That is why everything under HPS appear yellow / brown.

What are the best optics to use in LED Shoebox Area Lights?

By far, the most common outdoor shoebox optics are Type 3 and Type 5.

Type 5 optics are best used in the middle of a parking lot provides great area distribution.

Type 3 optics are best used on the edges of a lot ensures the light ends up in the lot and not the area directly behind the shoebox fixture.

If you are concerned about light trespass on the edge of your property, consider adding a fixture back shield.


Do LED Shoebox Lightings work with Lighting Controls?

Yes, LED Shoebox lightings work well with photocells and/or motion sensors. Adding lighting controls is not only practical, it lowers light levels when no one is around. It saves more energy by reducing the light levels required  at any time during the night.

And because LED Lights are instant on – instant off, they pair well with lighting controls.

Are your shoebox lights in good condition? Consider a shoebox retrofit kit

These shoebox retrofit kits can replace anything from 250 Watt to 1000 Watt Metal Halide and HPS. It’s can be easily installed by a certified electrician – if they can do a bulb and ballast replacement, they can install these.

Our Ultra High Efficiency Retrofit Solutions are DLC Premium Listed. This means you can qualify for a rebate from your utility company.

About Led shoebox Lightings

Led shoebox Lightings are smart lights that are designed with all the intelligent features like photocells and motion sensors. Led shoebox Lightings are a perfect replacement for metal halide lights. These lights are highly energy-efficient and long-lasting. These lights are highly used as LED Parking lot lights due to their various wattages, lumens, and color temperatures. Led shoebox Lightings are trending as they are energy-efficient, longer operational life, environment friendliness, and excellent illumination.

Also referred to as street lights, shoebox lights, and area lights, Led shoebox Lightings help illuminate streets, parking lots, building entrances, gardens, hotel walkways, among other outdoor spaces. They provide adequate lighting, keeping the drivers and pedestrians away from accidents by providing ease of navigation throughout an area.

At Bbier, we provide Led shoebox Lightings that feature sturdy materials and industry-standard IP ratings, which is a testament that they will last over half a decade without frequent maintenance.

Robust Unidirectional Area lights for Local Lighting in Large Outdoor Areas

LED Area lights from our collection feature a low profile. They are vibration-resistant and feature sturdy optics, which make them ideal for outdoor installation. Unlike traditional lights, LED lighting fixtures are unidirectional, which means that they put out light output in a fixed direction. The Area Lights that you’ll find in this collection offer a wide beam angle for covering a larger area. The extended area coverage and exceptional lumen output of our Led shoebox Lightings allow cutting down the number of fixtures that you’ll need to illuminate large outdoor spaces.

Essential Features to be Considered for Led Shoebox Lightings:

  • Wattage– Depending on the area you want to cover, opt for the right wattage ranging from 15 watts to 300 watts.
  • CCT– Defines the glowing colour of light, whether a warm or cool effect ranging from reddish-orange to a cool white or bluish color.
  • CRI– Colour rendering index is the rating system that indicates the level of illumination. The higher the rating, the light will be closer to the natural light.
  • Heat Dissipation– The LED fixture’s enclosure should help control heat, and it has excellent heat dissipation.

Types Available

Bbier is a one-stop-shop for all your outdoor lighting needs. We provide Led shoebox Lightings in several color options: Bronze, Gray, Black, Silver, and White. The wattage options that we have in stock are 35W, 55W, 150W, and 300W. Furthermore, you can also choose from various mounting options, depending on the mounting pole.

If you are worried about the utility bills, don’t. In comparison with conventional fixtures, LED lights consume little energy. They are known to bring down energy consumption by up to 80%. Furthermore, attaching Photocell Sensors (dusk to dawn sensors) can help monitor energy usage by automating the ON/ OFF process.


Adaptove and Protective Controls

The groundbreaking technology of LED lights comes with greater flexibility because of which the dimness can get adjusted correctly. The motion sensors detect the motion, which makes the light adjustment automatic. Once the sensors stop detecting motion, the light tones down to their low mode, and after the fixed default period, it ultimately gets switched off.

Another option for control is a photocell that directs lights to turn on and off depending on ambient light. Opt some of these innovative controls for being energy efficient and to conserve energy if there is no need.

Mounting Options

There are particular mounting options available for LED Parking Lot Lights, depending on the light type. The sturdy mounting option we have for you is yoke-mounting (YM), adjustable-mounting (AM, also known as slip fitter), direct-mounting (DM), and universal-mounting.

  • Yoke-Mounting: Yoke mounting is a simple and durable mounting solution used for mounting lighting fixtures to any vertical surface, although it allows a full tilting range of motion.
  • Direct-Mounting: This type of mounting can be used for mounting a lighting fixture on either a round or a square pole that allows you to illuminate your property’s outdoor areas with ease.
  • Universal Mount: Universal mount is the type of mounting that enables you to install lighting fixtures in any desired location, be it a yoke, adjustable slip fitter, knuckle mounting, or just a bare wall.
  • Adjustable-Mounting: Adjustable Mounting is also called Slim Fitter Mount. It is used for mounting LED lights in a round pole and allows you to adjust the inclination angle from 90 degrees to 180 degrees to provide you a versatile lighting experience.

Accessories Required

We also have Tenon Adaptors and Bullhorns, that are suitable for wooden, metallic, or concrete poles in square or round shapes.

Our accessories line for Led shoebox Lightings includes photocell Sensors, motion sensors, and Always ON Shorting Caps. Choose the right LED accessory, and you’ll be able to enhance the usability, functionality, and performance of the outdoor pole light installations.

LED shoeboxes are an efficient, modern way to replace metal halide and high pressure sodium (HPS) lamps for outdoor applications. LED shoeboxes are great for lighting areas like parking lots, outdoor walkways and public parks.

What Mounting Options are Available for Shoebox Fixtures?

Three styles of mounting arms are generally available. They are:

Direct Mounts:

A direct mount allows you to attach your shoebox directly to an existing pole. That means direct mounts are the easiest way to switch over your existing HPS or metal halide lights to LED.

Installation will involve wiring your light and then attaching the shoebox to the pole using bolts. That simplicity is a major advantage of direct mounts, but it’s important to know that they’re also generally short and designed to be installed in one particular orientation . That means they don’t provide the flexibility of some other mounts.

Slip Fitters:

As their name implies, slip fitters slip on top of a pole rather than being bolted onto the side (like a direct mount). Wiring feeds all the way up the pole, through the mount, and into the back of the lamp.

The main advantage of slip fitters is that they are generally hinged, allowing the lamp to be tilted, pitched, and adjusted.

Slip fitter mounts are ideal for situations in which you’re trying to focus light in a particular area or working in a challenging space.

Trunnion Mounts:

A trunnion mount is a hinged, square frame made of thin metal. Wiring a trunnion mounted LED shoebox involves threading insulated wires through that frame and into the back of the lamp.

Trunnion mounts are highly versatile and can help you fit powerful lamps into tight spots and direct your beam in a directional manner to achieve lighting goals.

Unlike direct or slip fit mounts, trunnions do expose some wiring to the elements, so they do require some increased maintenance.

Light Distribution Patterns for LED Shoeboxes

Not all lamps achieve the same lighting effects. That’s additional true for LED lamps, which are directional in nature.

  • Type I:

Type I LEDs create a long, narrow, flying saucer shaped light pattern. These are most commonly used for walking paths, sidewalks, bike trails, and other narrower areas.

  • Type II:

Type II LEDs cast a long oval of light that’s ideal for alleys and smaller roads. Positioned over the edge of a narrow road, a Type II LED can illuminate the entire width of the road and both shoulders.

  • Type III:

Type III lamps create a shorter, wider, more circular oval of light than their Type II counterparts. They are frequently used in parking lots or to create more light on the edges and shoulders of a road.

  • Type IV:

Unlike Types I, II, and III, Type IV LEDs do not create a symmetrical field of light. Instead, they create a semicircle, reaching far in front and to the sides of the lamp while providing almost no light behind. Type IVs are useful for bringing additional light to a particular side of a road, public space, or parking area.

  • Type V:

Type V LEDs provide an omnidirectional circle of light. The radius of that circle is far tighter than the reach of any of the previously mentioned types, but within that circular area, the light is bright and clear. Type V LEDs are great for use in the middle of parking lots or at intersections.

  • Type VI:

Type VI LEDs (sometimes called “Type VS”) create an omnidirectional square of light. This creates a highly symmetrical field with near equal foot candles in almost every part of the field. Like Type Vs, Type VI LEDs are excellent at areas where traffic comes together (like on ramps, intersections, etc.) as well as large parking lots.

LED Shoebox Features to Consider

IP Rating

The IP (Ingress Protection) rating of your shoeboxes will determine just how tough and durable they are.

IP ratings are two digit numbers: the first digit represents the fixture’s ability to protect your lamps from dust on a scale of 0 – 6 (with 6 being the best). The second digit represents protection from moisture on 1 – 8 scale (with 8 being the best).

Since dust (from cars, the roadway, exhaust, etc.) and moisture (from rain, snow, cleaning, etc.) both have the potential to affect outdoor lights, you need to shop with IP rating in mind.

Generally, a 65 (completely dust tight and protected against jets of water like from a power washer) is an ideal IP rating for an LED shoebox.

Photocell Sensors

Photocell sensors, also known as “dusk to dawn sensors,” help exterior LED lights shine only when an as much as is needed. That can lead to up to a 50% energy savings per lamp for you!

If you’re switching your HPS or metal halide lamps over to LED to take advantage of the increased efficiency, you’ll definitely want to make sure they have dusk to dawn sensors installed to maximize your returns.


Dimmability is another one of the features that make LED lamps so attractive, efficient, and inexpensive over the long term. Not all LED shoeboxes are necessarily dimmable, though, so when you’re shopping, be sure to look out for products clearly marked “Dimmable.”

Get a Photometric Analysis

It can be difficult to understand your lighting needs without a photometric analysis in place. A photometric analysis will help you understand the unique lighting needs of your space and tell you exactly how many and what kind of lamps you need to achieve your goals. If you are unsure of the lights you need, get in touch with us today!

Are you going to get Bbier’s Led Shoebox Lightings into your business?If you want to learn more ,welcome to contact us and I will show you more details.