Take the LED corn lamp as an example. Compared with the ordinary LED corn lamp point light source, integrated light source, the appearance, heat dissipation structure, light curve and actual photosynthetic efficiency of the same power LED multi-point light source and integrated light source are different, the application places are also different, and the design The user can choose different led lamps according to different applications and design styles:

1. The color temperature must be consistent and stable, and the color will not change for a long time at high temperature. The color temperature of traditional halogen music is 2700K. Some LED products on the market are easy to change color after a period of use, and the color temperature deviation is very serious;

2. CRI (Ra) directly determines whether the color of an object can be truly reflected. The CRI (Ra) of the sun and traditional halogen spotlights are both 100, and the CRI (Ra) of the LED light is ≥80. National standard. Nowadays, the CRI (Ra) of the LED lighting industry has basically reached 70. For some better manufacturers, the CRI (Ra) can reach above 80;

3. If lighting is applied to some high-end places, such as hotels and high-end shops, the color rendering index must be very high, and as close as possible to traditional incandescent lamps, so that the object has the original color and can be displayed on the actual object faithfully;

4. Now, according to national regulations, after 25,000 hours of use, the maintenance rate of optical transmission must reach 70% or more. The light angle is good, no glare can be produced, and strong light cannot be seen outside the light angle; in order to realize the effective integration of interior architectural design and lighting design, different lighting style environments should be selected according to different applications;