Outdoor camping, how to choose camping lamps

Outdoor nights are not only romantic, but also full of danger everywhere. The most indispensable thing in the dark is light. In order to enhance the safety of the range of activities, camping lights are usually carried. There are many types of camping lights, so choose according to your own needs. Today, I brought you a lamp that can be used as a lighting lamp, or as an atmosphere lamp-a small BBier chandelier.

The shell of BBier small chandelier is made of stamped steel and ABS material, which enhances the texture of the small chandelier, and shows the atmosphere of retro art and literature perfectly.

The BBier chandelier is relatively small in appearance and more convenient. When you go to camping outdoors, you often need to carry a large number of items to prepare for emergencies. The carrying of a large number of items will affect the ease of the overall activity, so more consideration can be given to items that can be as little as possible. A camping lamp is a must-have item. If the camping lamp is too large, it is very inconvenient to carry. The BBier small chandelier reduces its volume under the premise of ensuring the brightness, so that you can use it normally, and it is convenient to carry.

Hooks that can be hung anywhere can also be easier to place. They can be hung on the branches outside or on the hooks of the tent, and can be hung on the backpack when walking. The outdoor weather is always overcast. Maybe the weather forecast is sunny, maybe there will be light rain at night. In order to prevent the occurrence of such changeable weather, not only other tents, sleeping bags, etc., need to be waterproof, even camping lights also need to have good waterproofness. Otherwise, the camping lights will fail when it rains, which will not only affect the sight at night, but also will not deter outdoor animals.

The lighting time of the camping lamp, because there is no plug to charge our electrical appliances outdoors, it is not a happy thing that the camping lamp runs out during long camping activities. BBIER chandelier hidden USB charging cable, which is convenient and can be connected to various charging devices at any time.

The BBier small chandelier can be infinitely dimmed, using different brightness in different scenes, creating a romantic outdoor camping atmosphere is also a matter of seconds. According to the real test results of the ALICE: the lowest brightness is used for 200 hours, and the high brightness is used for 3 hours.

The ABS lampshade is frosted to soften the light and avoid fatigue and discomfort caused by long-term use.

Whether it is lighting or atmosphere adjustment, the BBIER small chandelier can be realized by itself. Now that you have settled your mind and body in the mountains, you can relax and feel the freedom and beauty of nature. A retro literary and artistic camping lamp is more suitable for this moment.