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Facade Lighting Concentrator

MOQ: 1 Pcs (Min. Order)

Concentrator, a communication bridge between the server (2G/4G/Ethernet) and switch Controller (RS485). Built-in LCD display and smart meter, support 4 digital switches, update by OTA, 96-500VAC, 0.3W, IP54.

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– LCD display.
– High-performance 32-bit industrial-grade based on an ARM9 CPU as the microcontroller.
– Using an exceptionally reliable platform for the application as an embedded Linux operating system.
– Interface: 10/100 m Ethernet, RS485, USB, etc.
– Support GPRS (2G) communication mode and Ethernet remote communication methods and can be extended to 4G full network communication.
– Firmware upgrading: local/remote.
– Built-in meters to realize remote electric energy meter readings, at the same time, support distant electricity meter reading for external meters.
– Built-in high-performance PLC communication module to achieve intelligent tunnel lighting control.
– 4 DO, 6 DI (4 Switch IN+2AC IN).
– Fully sealed enclosure, strong anti-interference ability, withstand high voltage, lightning, and high-frequency signal interference.