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LED Photography Lights 210W Live Broadcast Room Fill Light

MOQ: 1 Pcs (Min. Order)
SKU: CL200Bi
Input voltage 200-220V
Output power 210W
Certification: CE ROHS Listed
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Why choose this product?

1.Dual fan cooling system, powerful heat dissipation

It is the most powerful assistant for film and television workers in all walks of life, and the decisive sword in the hands of practitioners in the live broadcast industry. It is a powerful cooling system designed for professional film and television lights. It has a significant heat dissipation effect and the heat dissipation sound is almost imperceptible to the human ear, bringing fast and long-lasting performance. , Quiet cooling experience.

2.Intelligent light control, one call and hundreds of responses

Supports 2.4G remote control, APP and other remote control light control methods, intelligent, efficient, convenient and fast
With the mobile APP, one person can adjust multiple lighting devices at the same time. Meet the shooting needs of professional film and television production teams.

3.Precise dimming, clear at a glance

The brightness can be accurately adjusted between 5% and 100%, which not only provides more choices in lighting and dimming, but also reduces the time and energy spent on accurately controlling the light ratio.
It also supports memory dimming function, with a clear and eye-catching interface, saving time and effort, and making lighting easier.

Really high color reproduction, the color rendering index is as high as 97 and above, and the TLCI is as high as 95 and above, which means that its light and color quality has been optimized for both the camera and the human eye, making the subject more colorful and with more accurate details. From saturation The accuracy of hue is greatly improved.

4.CRI color rendering index:

The color rendering ability of a light source to an object is called color rendering performance. To correctly express the original color of a substance, you need to use a light source with a high color rendering index (Ra). The closer the index is to 100, the better the color rendering performance.

5.TLCI Index:

Used to evaluate the quality of color representation of television and film lighting. Use a numerical value from 0 to 100 to indicate the degree of color reproduction of the light source in the TV lighting environment. The higher the value, the higher the degree of restoration. The better the color rendering effect.

Input voltage 200-220V
Output power 210W
Color rendering index 97
Color temperature 3200-5600K
RGB hue 0-360 (full color)
Luminous flux 300001m
1 meter illumination 980001ux bare lamp
Light angle 120 degrees
Dimming 5-100%