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Lighted Stop Slow Sign 650 Radar Feedback SignA

MOQ: 1 Pcs (Min. Order)
SKU: BB-LD-6500K
Warranty 10 Years
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Lighted Stop Slow Sign 650 Radar Feedback SignA:

  1. Speed feedback sign features with a programmable strobe light that flashes above selected speed.
  2. Speed signs’ FCC-approved Doppler Internal Radar display Minimum Speed / Maximum Speed, in either Miles per hour or Kilometer per hour units.
  3. Weatherproof radar speed signs are , IP65 level compliant, non-sealed and ventilated.
  4. Radar speed signs feature MUTCD-conforming white HIP reflective sheeting on sign face with black text.
  5. Pick from three power source type available: AC-powered signs, 4-cell battery powered sign, or solar-powered signs.
  6. Energy efficient battery powered signs can last upto three weeks (depending on traffic volume).
  7. Speed signs’ radar features a 5 mW maximum Radar RF out, 24.125 GHz or 24.200 GHz Radar f-center with an 800 ft. pickup distance.
  8. Portable, lightweight, and compact radar speed signs with dolly can be easily transported to any location as needed.
  9. Radar sign dolly comes with a lock to secure your speed feedback sign to any location.
  10. Suitable for residential neighborhoods, school zones, shopping centers, corporate grounds, construction zones, and industrial areas.
  11. Includes with standard banding brackets for mounting.

Warranty 10 Years