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LoRa Mesh Lamp Controller NEMA

MOQ: 1 Pcs (Min. Order)

Lamp control unit, a lamp controller, linked with an LED driver by a NEMA socket, communicates with RTU(LoRa-mesh). Turn on/off, dimming(0-10V/DALI), data collection. 0.2W, IP65.

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– The customized communication protocol based on LoRa.
– Standard NEMA 7-PIN interface, plug and play.
– Remotely turn on/off, built-in 16A relay.
– Photocell auto control via Lux value.
– Dimming interface: DALI and 0-10V.
– Remotely read electrical parameters: current, voltage, power, power factor, consumed energy, etc.
– Support total recording energy consumed and resetting.
– Optional sensor: GPS, Tilt detection, RTC.
– Lamp failure detection: LED lamp.
– Automatically report failure notifications to the server.
– Lightning protection.
– IP65.