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Solar Charge Controller

MOQ: 1 Pcs (Min. Order)

Combining wireless communication technology, lithium battery charging function and boost constant current into one, with reliability, high efficiency, high precision, easy installation, convenient maintenance, etc.

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– Suitable for lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries, and phosphate batteries.
– If the power of the lithium protection panel is cut off, the controller can be charged through the solar panel.
– Built-in high-efficiency booster constant current module, specially designed for LED solar street lamps.
– The power can be adjusted in 4 time periods; users can set the working current of the LED lamp.
– Constant current output, 15V ~ 70V wide voltage output, adapts to a variety of series and parallel LED lights.
– According to the residual capacity of the lithium battery, the power load can be adjusted automatically, which can extend the lighting time by 90% more than a common controller.
– Support remote light ON/OFF and dimming, remote modification of lithium battery, and load parameters.
– Real-time monitoring of the operation status of solar street lamps, and automatic alarms for faults.
– Waterproof IP67.