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Bbier, a Professional China Outdoor LED Lights Supplier, we offer Outdoor LED Lights with 5000K, IP65 waterproof, DLC ETL Listed. We have 10 Years of LED Lights Development Experience, 5 R&D Engineers, 50 LED lights patents, 200 LED Lights Certifications, all Outdoor LED Lights products have 5 Years Warranty.

300W LED Shoebox Light IP65 5000K 42,000LM with AC120-277V for Parking Lot Lighting

300W    IP65    42,000

$309.89-$336.69 / Wholesales
10 Pcs (Min. Order)

Shoebox Light Fixture 300W IP65 39,000LM for 100-277VAC Black Finish

300W    IP65    39000

$265.89-$291.69 / Wholesales
10 Pcs (Min. Order)

LED Shoebox Pole Light 200W IP65 26,000lm with Knuckle Slipfitter Mount

200W    IP65    26000

$205.89-$211.69 / Wholesales
10 Pcs (Min. Order)

Hazardous LED Flood Lights 60W ETL UL Listed 8,400 Lumens 5000K AC100-277V

80W    IP66    8,400Lm

$307.81-$465.23 / Wholesales
5 Pcs (Min. Order)

Explosion Proof Flood Lights 80W ETL UL Listed 11,200 Lumens 5000K AC100-277V

80W    IP66    11200Lm

$307.81-$465.23 / Wholesales
5 Pcs (Min. Order)

2ft Explosion Proof LED Linear Strip 40W Hazard Location Light Fixture 5000K 5600LM with ETL UL Listed

40W    IP66    5,600Lm

$288.81-$365.23 / Wholesales
5 Pcs (Min. Order)

Intelligent Safety Street Light Manufacturers Full HD 1080P Webcam and 30 FPS

100W    IP65    13000LM

$89.99-$159.00 / Wholesales
10 Pcs (Min. Order)

50W 100W 150W Street Light Suppliers Type 3 and Type 4 IP66 High quality

50W    IP65    6500LM

$49.99-$89.00 / Wholesales
10 Pcs (Min. Order)

High Quality Street Light Fixture 50W 100W 150W Outdoor Road Pole Lamp

50W    IP65    6500LM

$49.99-$79.00 / Wholesales
10 Pcs (Min. Order)

Solar Led Street Light ISO/CCC/CE/ROHS Cerfitied Factory Directly Sell

40W    IP66    4000LM

$411.99-$599.00 / Wholesales
10 Pcs (Min. Order)

Parking Garage Light Fixtures 150W 5000K 21,750LM

150W    IP65    21750

$34.00-$2110.00 / Wholesales
10 Pcs (Min. Order)

Parking Garage LED Light Fixtures 100W 5000K 14,500LM

100W    IP65    14500

$34.00-$1889.00 / Wholesales
10 Pcs (Min. Order)

Intelligent Safety Wall Pack Fixtures 60W 80W 100W High Quality Factory Directly Sell

60W    IP66    7800LM

$75.99-$89.00 / Wholesales
1 Pcs (Min. Order)

Bollard Light Fixtures 20W IP66 5000K for Garden

20W    IP66   

$93.69-$123.30 / Wholesales
5 Pcs (Min. Order)

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