Led temp work light provides high-performance, long-life and energy-saving lighting for large-scale industries, buildings and outdoor areas. This is a great option to replace or upgrade existing HID/metal halide/CFL work lights, designed to combine the convenience of industrial-grade high bay fixtures with professional brightness intensity and portable work lights. This product is ideal for temporary lighting for new and existing construction sites, short-term maintenance tasks, warehouses, factories and workshops, highway toll stations, gas stations, and exhibition halls.

Whats advantages of temporary wor light?

  1. 360°Omni-directional lighting.
  2. 130lm/W ultra-high efficiency delivers superior performance over legacy HID.
  3. 10KV high voltage surge protection.
  4. Base up, base down or horizontal operation.
  5. Includes 1.5Mpower cord with plug and mounting hook.
  6. Instant-on with no warm up.
  7. Operate temperature in -40℃~60℃.
  8. Plug in and get instant work lighting in almost any area.
  9. Suitable for dry and damp locations.
  10. Strong and durable stainless steel lamp guard and hook.
  11. Built-in connector, outlet for connecting up to 5 pieces for larger lighting demand.
  12. Multiple bracket accessories options: floor stand and tripod stand (not included and sold separately).

SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS: Read instructions carefully before attempting to install fixture.

  • All wiring should be done by a qualified electrician.
  • Please disconnect the power before installation or maintenance. The wiring of this device must comply with the regulations of the National Electric Company Norms and applicable local codes and regulations.
  • Properly ground to ensure personal safety.

CAUTION: Risk of fire

Warning: Before installing or maintaining the fixture, make sure that the power supply is turned off. There are no user serviceable parts inside.

Warning: To reduce the risk of electric shock and fire, do not exceed the maximum wattage of the string, including any additional wattage String loading.

  • Warning: Please disconnect the power to avoid electric shock when the equipment is wet.
  • Warning: This product is not suitable for emergency exits.
  • Warning: This lamp should not be installed in a heat-sealed environment or near corrosive gases.
  • Warning: Do not cover any igniting or explosive substances on the surface to avoid fire.


Note: Ensure that the temperature of the fixture is low enough to be accessible. Do not perform cleaning or maintenance while the fixture is energized.

  1. Clean the lens with non-abrasive glass cleaning fluid.
  2. Do not open the fixture to clean the LED. Do not touch the LED lights.

Note: These instructions do not include all the details or changes of the equipment, nor provide all possible conditions during installation, operation or maintenance.


Standard cable length is 6 feet.

  1. Turn off the power before installing.
  2. Hang on a secure fixed wall or object by the base hook.
  3. Ensure the fixed wall or object is strong enough to hold 66lbs.
  4. (For 2 or more) Connect the plug and socket to make sure 2 or more lamps are connected. Rotate the buckle 120°tomake sure the connection is secure.
  5. Close the cap for the last lamp which in not connected to another.
  6. Reset fuse in driver in case of overload 5A. Only the first lamp lights up, disconnect the extra, the lamps will light upwhen the fuse cools down. (about 10 seconds)

Work lamp type, work lamp use characteristic, work lamp and desk lamp distinction

1 Type of work lamp

Shoot the lamp: basically use at the place with higher requirement to colour restore degree, its display color sex is the highest in lamps and lanterns.

Down light: generally with energy-saving lamps are mainly used for basic lighting.

Metal halide lamp: it is a kind of lamp developed on the basis of sodium lamp. It is generally used in the market. Its brightness is high and its color display is good only second to the halide tungsten type spot lamp.

Fluorescent lamp: JY series fluorescent lamp has waterproof, anti-corrosion, explosion-proof function, lamp tube, ballast selection of general type parts, easy maintenance, widely used in nc machine tool, combination machine tool, processing center and commodity exhibition lighting, light distribution is uniform, lighting effect is good.

Halogen tungsten bulb lamp: JL50F halogen tungsten bulb lamp is used as light source, which is waterproof and corrosion resistant.It is suitable for lighting of large and medium-sized CNC machine tools, combination machine tools, machining centers and ordinary machine tools, especially for indoor lighting of closed CNC machine tools.

Silver star working light is soft, light spot uniform, good color rendering, low distortion, has a more ideal soft light concentrating effect.Special high color temperature bulb long life, less energy consumption, continuous working time is not less than 1.5 hours.No pollution, excellent charge and discharge performance, low self discharge rate.High resistance to strong impact and impact;Dustproof, splash proof and corrosion proof.With low voltage protection and anti-misoperation device, the switch can be locked when not in use;It can be carried by hand or shoulder, with beautiful appearance, small size and light weight.

2 Work lamp use characteristics

1, work lamp because of the use of LED light source in production, so the use of this lamp for a long time, can effectively prevent the loss in the process of work, will not have an impact on the work.

2, the work lamp is a kind of green products, and has a good performance of electricity saving, and in use has a better lighting environment, can effectively ensure the lighting degree.

3, and the light source is not easy to produce heat, can reduce the occurrence of accidents, and in the production of the production process is more mature, and the process is more fine, will not occur strobe phenomenon, can protect the workers’ eyes to a certain extent.

3 work lamp and desk lamp difference

Work light generally refers to the installation in the lathe, machine tools, machinery or the workplace for the operation of lighting lamps and lanterns, is basically installation position fixed, but the lamps and lanterns around can be adjustable, adjustable height and direction, such as its appearance modelling requirements is not high, but because of the workplace environment is relatively poor, require the lamps and lanterns is strong, stable and safe protection,Brightness, light color and so on to meet the requirements of the nature of the work, no stroboscopic and piercing, will not make the workpiece movement illusion.

Desk lamp is generally placed in the family can move on the surface of the desktop, desk lamps and lanterns, mainly for reading, writing, learning, lighting, its brightness, light color can meet the requirements of reading and writing, no stroboscopic, less blue la effects of fatigue, eye to eye, at the same time as the decoration of the family, the appearance wants beautiful and easy, have appeal and artistic.

Why temporary Work Lights are Effective?

One way to quickly convert outdoor lighting to energy economical light-emitting LED is to use temporary Work Lights. These are bulb formed lamps that are packed with many individual LEDs fastened to a temperature reduction part. They are referred to as corn lamps. Thanks to the method that the LEDs are basifixed to the middle part resembles corn on the cob.

These tend to be quite seventy fifth additional economical than metal salt lights and are a preferred alternative for retrofitting current lighting fixtures. Corn lamps are an honest resolution for road lighting, streetlights and walkway lighting moreover. They’ll be utilized in most screw-in sockets and might be put in quite simply. check that that the lamp’s dimensions can match into the luminance, the corn cob bulbs are larger than the proportional font. Some of clearance around it’s needed.

Good heat dissipation

Good corn lamps ought to be able to cool themselves down as a result of its atomic number 13 structure features a heap of area that may permit the warmth to flee. Corn lamps that are in operation during a high-temperature setting can have to be compelled to be properly ventilated . Once getting these lights for your project, check that you purchase ones that are specifically created for the temperature and conditions underneath that you may be operating.

Energy Saving

Using LEDs for your temporary project desires are ideal as a result of these lights use less power, and fewer power means that lower current. For users of temporary job web site lighting, this can be key. Often, temporary work lights are utilized in the format of long strings, like what’s used throughout tunnel construction. Over these long strings, there is a considerable loss in voltage loss because of the resistance to the form up for this voltage loss. Most of construction crews can use significant gauge lower resistance cable, that tends to own a lower current draw. This lower current draw can yield a lighter gauge cable to be used, that to the tip user means that lower value. Another major profit is that LED lighting allows crews to use for much longer strings than were antecedent obtainable.

Less power conjointly means you’ll be able to run LEDs at lower voltage, which implies that prime lumen outputs is obtainable to project managers WHO have low voltage needs. Incandescent lights are obtainable for low voltage users for an extended time, however their high power consumption usually puts the project at a big disadvantage because of the low voltages.


High power at low voltages means that high current, and high current means that high voltage drops over long cable lengths. During this past, those that used low voltage had to form up for that by victimization fewer bulbs or shorter strings than folks that were able to use higher voltage merchandise.  Low voltage users will currently elect a brief lighting resolution during a light-emitting diode, which may offer light outputs and string lengths that are competitive with their high voltage incandescent equivalents.

Lower power conjointly means that you may be charged for fewer power unit hours on your bill. For example, a hundred-watt incandescent light bulb uses 100 watts, where a typical 100-watt LED light bulb only uses fifteen watts. For a 1000-foot string with bulbs each 10 feet associated an electricity value of $0.07 per heat unit, the light-emitting diode saves the tip user $0.70 per hour. Apparently, ancient light choices don’t seem to be in compliance with the restriction of unsafe. Substances directive as a result of several light bulbs are created with dangerous and doubtless hepatocyte materials. As well as mercury, light-emitting diode lights are usually compliant with the directive that helps keep your project up to code.

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