There are many reasons why stadiums should switch to stadium lights. The following are the main reasons why stadium lights have quickly become the mainstay of stadium lighting.

Environmental Impact

Does not contain mercury. Because it uses LEDs, stadium lights do not contain harmful mercury. Mercury is a heavy metal, which is easy to cause harm to people and negatively affect the earth, polluting the environment. Since LEDs do not use mercury in their design or operation, stadium lights are definitely a more environmentally friendly option compared to traditional lighting solutions.

It is more environmentally friendly and saves electricity. The operating efficiency of the LED is very high, and the heat loss is very small. This means that the heat generated by the stadium lights is converted to light as much as possible, rather than heat loss. LEDs provide some of the highest lumen output and some of the lowest wattage consumption, which is an option that uses less power. Using less electricity is undoubtedly a great benefit to the environment, because it can minimize the consumption of earth’s resources and achieve environmental protection.

Stadium lights can last longer to reduce waste. Lamps and fixtures last longer than other options on the market, which helps reduce overall waste. If the stadium is constantly replacing parts or damaged fixtures, it will definitely accumulate a large amount of metal, glass and plastic garbage, which will cause a lot of waste of resources. The long service life of LEDs helps reduce overall waste.


The overall cost is lower. In addition to environmental protection and energy saving, low cost is also one of the biggest advantages of the stadium. Compared to similar options that use more electricity, LED uses less energy to produce the same or better lighting quality. This is another cost-saving method.

Low Maintenance

Stadium lights are durable and very suitable for football and basketball courts. Another reason like the Olympics. The Beijing Winter Olympics is coming soon, let us look forward to this sports feast together and look forward to the perfect performance of LED Sport Light. If you are looking for more information about LED Sport Light or are considering LED stadium light conversion, please email us at We are always ready to help!

In daily work, companies will always work in dangerous places. If safety measures are not implemented in place, construction workers and expensive equipment will face the threat of potential explosions. In reality, high-quality explosion-proof lights are used in many industries such as the oil refining industry, chemical industry, food processing industry, and mining industry, because ordinary lighting is not capable of protecting workers when working in hazardous areas. Therefore, for any company operating in hazardous areas, explosion-proof lighting must be used. By using explosion-proof lighting, the potential risk of explosion caused by dangerous gases such as propane and methane can be greatly reduced. As relevant personnel, we must be more aware of the importance of explosion-proof lights. This article will give you a deeper understanding of explosion-proof lights, and hope to help you.