With the development and the advancement of society, science, and technology, the safety of lighting of the environment is getting higher and higher. Especially in some gas stations with flammable gases and dust, chemical plants, painting workshops, etc. safety production is the first criterion, in addition to normal production equipment, transportation equipment, and even its lighting appliances are creating a safe production environment. Necessary conditions. Gas stations are supplementary stations for retailing gasoline and motor oil for cars and other motor vehicles, generally adding fuel oil, lubricating oil, etc. Because petroleum products have the characteristics of being flammable, volatile, easy to leak, and easy to collect static charge. Gas stations must establish the idea of “safety first”, then we should choose a special gas station for the special environment of the gas station, do not use ordinary lamps on the market. It should professional led gas station light.

The guide on how to choose the led gas station light

We all know that smoking and firing are not allowed in the gas station within 100 meters of the petrol station. You can’t also call at the gas station lighting standards.
The gas station, I’m sure you’re familiar with this word. Because it is important to our life and travel. It’s the wet nurse of our car. You can’t drive without it. So we can’t live without it, and people often come in. What do you know about the dangers of gas stations that you don’t know about? Do you know the safety hazards at the gas station? For the gas station lighting, you should consider the following factors:

  1. Requirements of the gas station lighting: anti-explosion, anti-corrosion, waterproof and dustproof.
  2. The top suction-type or hanging type shall be adopted for installation.
  3. The explosion-proof level shall reach IIC level or above, and the waterproof level shall reach IP65 or above.
  4. In the power selection, the power of the lamps can be determined according to the height of the ceiling of the gas station, or the height of the lamp pole, and the required area of exposure.
  5. It is recommended to use a maintenance-free, high-efficiency and energy-saving LED maintenance-free led gas station.

The guide on how to overall install the gas station

  • Ensure that the average ground illumination at the gas station is between 300 and 350 lux. In the air pump area, at least 100 lux to ensure high-quality lighting, especially on the front-facing side of the pump.
  • Your gas station will have many vehicles in and out, and the lighting should be bright enough to eliminate shadows that could cause accidents. If the front canopy is low, make sure that large vehicles (such as Light trucks and trailers) do not block the light from each led canopy lights, resulting in large shadows.
  • For canopies with a height of 14ft, a 13ft-16ft meters spacing between light fixtures is ideal.
  • Using high-quality LED lights can save energy to the greatest extent without affecting the quality of lighting.
  • Using a dimmer switch can further save electricity bills.

The LED dimming light retrofit kit has a very wide dimming range, which can save energy and extend service life. Traditional light bulbs cannot use the light control function, they need to warm up to reach the set brightness.

Areas with flammable or hazardous substances should use specific lamps. Make sure your LED canopy lights meet the required standards. Because the roof of the vehicle’s refueling area is high and not closed, there is usually no need to comply with excessive regulations. However, lighting equipment used in gas stations should be moisture-resistant and durable, as the refueling area is often subject to vibrations from heavy vehicle movements.

The gas station has a large amount of gas fuel, and the lamps must be completely sealed to prevent flammable gas or smoke from penetrating into the lamps, thereby causing explosions and reducing unnecessary fires.

LED lights used in parking lots and gas stations should have the correct IP rating to prevent water or solid particles from entering. If these substances get inside the luminaire, they may damage the luminaire. These locations are not only wet but dusty, so the IP rating must be higher than 65.

The Benefits of Using LED Gas Station Canopy Lights

While the most obvious benefit of LED lights is lowered energy costs, there are many other reasons why you should use an LED lighting system. These benefits include:

Longer life span, with led light lasting up to 50000 hours, or 5 years on continuous operation.
Ecological friendliness, as LED lights lack toxic chemicals typically found in conventional bulbs.
Durability with sturdy components that are rugged and capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions
No UV emissions and minimal infrared light.
Design flexibility, with the ability to combine shapes and dim them to produce efficient illumination.
Functionality in extreme hot or cold environments.
Sufficient distribution of light with the ability to focus on certain areas.
Frequent switching and instant lighting.
Low voltage power supply makes it easy to use them in outdoor settings through an external energy source.
These benefits make LED lights invaluable for gas stations and many other locations that may otherwise spend more than they need to on lighting systems. As a reliable LED gas station lights supplier, we’ll make sure that you get all of the benefits listed above with each product.

Energy Efficient Lighting
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