LED wall pack light is the most common outdoor commercial light in America. These lights secure to the wall in a variety of ways and easy to install. The front of the commercial LED wall pack light opens on a hinge for mounting and wiring, making them an installers favorite. They are also highly versatile, the wiring can be from behind or through a number of conduit entrances. Accessories such as photocells, motion sensors and battery backups can easily be added.

Switching to LED wall pack light can skyrocket your client’s energy savings as high as 70%. That’s a win for them, and a win for you. Since you won’t be called in for any maintenance for at least 100,000 hours.

During those 100,000 beautiful hours, your client will also benefit from increased safety. In fact, wall pack lights are typically the go-to fixture for any place needing a security boost.

Their bright and crisp light instantly turns night into day, with no glare or hot spots.

Why switch to LED Wall Pack Lights?

For starters, you’ll save your client up to 70% on energy savings. They also last up to 100,000 hours maintenance-free, which means you won’t have to spend extra time replacing them for a long time. LED lighting is also brighter and more even than traditional lighting, eliminating hot spots and glare, as well as evenly illuminating parking lots and perimeters.

Can I use LED Wall Pack Lights to light an office?

Yes. Especially at locations where fluorescents are still being used. With more traditional light sources, lumen output decreases over time, leaving dark spots in sensitive areas like parking lots. With LED, however, light remains bright and consistent, from the source all the way out to the ends of the light rays. This makes it so much easier for security to identify any kind of questionable activity. Especially because many employees work late.

How can I decide what to do next to perfect my Building Lighting and LED Wall Pack Lighting?

The first is to communicate with manufacturers’ neutral suppliers of LED lighting solutions provider. A key step in any LED projects is to understand that LED technology is not a commodity. Previous decades included building facility managers and owners assessing product options purely based on cost, assuming that all options considered were of equal quality.

Solution-centric suppliers should ask you questions about project objectives. Are there energy reduction targets, lighting performance requirements, and budget constraints, etc? The right partners will expect to know the results you want rather than just what specific products they could sell to you. It is unequal for all LED products. For different applications, different manufacturers have different value levels. You will finally get the best result through working with companies, who have the product expertise to recommend solutions that meet your project priorities.

What is a “LED Wall Pack Light” and “Building Light” application?

LED wall pack lights and building lights are terms to describe the outdoor lighting that is commonly mounted on the exterior walls of buildings. This type of exterior lighting is generally used to provide illumination to areas for vehicles and pedestrians use, as well as for security purposes. It is not uncommon to see multiple fixtures mounted on a single building or wall, with the fixture spacing designed to provide lighting at the ground level around the exterior of a building.

Most existing industrial light fixtures and commercial light fixtures. Such as wall pack lights and building lights utilize high intensity discharge (HID) lamps such as metal halide, high pressure sodium, and if they are very old, mercury vapor lamps.

Why use LED Wall Pack Lighting in educational institutions?

Increased safety for students and faculty.

LED wall pack lights evenly illuminate university grounds. It is well for students out for a late-night study session. LED wall pack lights feature a 70+ CRI. It can bring out the true colors of everything underneath them, increasing feelings of security.


LED wall pack light fixtures or luminaires are exterior grade light fixtures that are ideal for illuminating walk ways, streets, and driveways adjacent to buildings. LED wall pack lights are typically mounted on the sides of buildings, but are sometimes able to be pole mounted too. Beyond being functional by emitting light, many of these fixtures also provide aesthetic value. Stylized outdoor wall packs can make a building architecturally interesting. And forward throw wall pack lights give you more control.


  • Out and Down
  • Down Only
  • Up-Down

However, standard wall pack lights distribute light out and down. But, semi and full cutoff wall pack lights distribute light only down. Up-down wall pack lights distribute light up and down, using the light to see as well a light to see by.

Our LED wall pack lights are all ETL or UL Wet Location Listed. And are perfect for any outdoor wall application. Lumens range from the smallest door wall pack of 750, to our largest LED wall packs that generate over 17,000 Lumens to brighten up the largest areas!

What is the most suitable application place for LED wall pack lights?

LED Wall Pack Lights in Warehouses:

In 24/7 operations, long-term reliable lighting is an absolute must. Once LED wall pack lights are installed, they’re designed to last over 76,000 hours – that’s almost 9 years of maintenance-free operation, when used 24/7.

Which also means facilities managers won’t have to worry about stocking replacements or allocating time for relamping.

So, LED wall pack lights,with their crisp and directional light, are great for increasing visibility at loading bays and docks, which is essential for safety and efficiency.

Why use LED Wall Pack Lights in a warehouse?

Since warehouses operate non-stop, it’s important to use reliable lighting that won’t fail over a long period of time. Having LED wall pack lights on hand eliminates the need to stock extra replacement lighting, as they last for years. Operations managers also won’t need to worry arranging time for relamping.

Instead, workers remain productive. Outside, LED wall pack lights can shine brighter light on loading bays and docks, helping workers improve their vision at night. They can also help security personnel better monitor incoming traffic, illuminating forms of identification, like IDs or license plates.

LED Wall Pack Fixtures in Educational Institutions:

College safety is a major concern nowadays, especially at night. And for good reason. Many universities haven’t adopted LED technology yet, which means their campuses can be dark and dreary at night, lit by outdated technology, like HID, that yellows and dims over time.

LED wall packs, however, do.

However, with increased visibility and higher CRI’s (70+) that bring out the true colors of everything underneath them. Wall pack fixtures can enhance feelings of safety and security.

LED Exterior Wall Pack Lights In An Office:

Approximately 50% savings in annual energy costs sound good to your office client?

When switching to LED, that savings applies to nearly any application, and corporate campuses are no exception.

Employees can work late. The trip to the parking lot or parking garage should not be one that’s filled with fear. Due to darker areas with lighting that just ain’t cutting it. We’re looking at you, fluorescents.

Traditional light sources’ lumen output diminishes over time and often creates dark spots.

Not so with LED. Instead, brilliant white light spread uniformly, increasing safety levels. And making it much easier for security to identify suspicious activity.

Some LED wall pack lights have the option to pair with a photocell, which turns off automatically. When natural ambient light levels are high enough. These can be used anywhere, from perimeters to parking garages.

LED Wall Pack Light Color Temperatures & When To Use Which

LED wall pack lights come in all different sorts of color temperatures. But how do you know which one to pick?

We know you have better things to do than research all that, so we did it for you.

Here’s a breakdown of what each of the color temperatures mean, plus when to choose them:

  • 3000K – Warmer, Soft White Light
  • Typically found in residential applications
  • Great for entertaining


  • 4000K – Neutral White Light
  • Bright white, similar to moonlight
  • Gives off slightly bluish, cool hues


  • 5000K – Daylight
  • Blue-white light
  • Best for places, such as offices or display areas, where it’s necessary to see a high level of detail
  • Energizing

Lately, we’ve seen a surge in 3000K. Here’s why:

Lower color temperatures in area/roadway, canopy, and garage fixtures are becoming more popular.

FSA (Fixture Seal of Approval) requires fixtures to have a 3000K correlated color temperature (CCT) or below. Many major cities, like New York, Los Angeles and Chicago are starting to require 3000K or lower. They may be perceived to have less glare.


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What’s the LED Wall Pack Light?-Definitive Guide