Sports Lighting

Performance is Everything

Whatever the sport, whatever the level, from training grounds to prestigious arenas, our lighting solutions perform at 100%.

Across the whole world of sports, from stadiums to grassroots facilities we deliver world-class LED lighting solutions. We have to. And we do. Because when the lights go on total performance is expected – by the competitors, spectators, sponsors, and broadcasters. And because no sporting venues are the same, our high-definition solutions are the perfect match for whatever your needs.

Unrivaled sports lighting experience and knowledge

All sports lighting has to be high-quality, totally reliable, efficient, and economic. At Bbier, we also understand specialist sporting facilities’ needs and environments vary greatly. For example:

Professional and high-level sports stadiums

Very best LED technology and sophisticated lighting solutions. After all, when you’re watching any great event – live or on TV – it must be crystal clear.

Aqua centers, leisure pools, and indoor and outdoor training pools

have demanding atmospheric conditions. This means they need lighting that’s waterproof and robust enough to withstand both humidity and the potentially corrosive effects of chlorinated water.

Golf driving ranges

are frequently a key supplementary source of income for many golf clubs. So, high-quality, low-maintenance lighting is essential to maximize the range’s availability to customers to increase the club’s revenue. And our proprietary optics extend the lighting distance of the driving range with fewer luminaries to help save the club money too.

Showjumping, evening race meets, gymkhanas, dressage, and many other equestrian disciplines

demand artificial LED lighting solutions that give them more time for hosting events and training. This helps them be more flexible when it comes to scheduling and helps increase their revenue too.

Indoor Ice rinks and arenas

must have perfect lighting that emits the least heat but still delivers high definition and color rendering. And the light spectrum must remain stable throughout the lifetime of the luminaire.


More motorsports events

are taking place in the evenings. With the safety of drivers paramount, the entire track must be perfectly lit, and glare eliminated. Plus, with more being televised, only the best, most advanced LED lighting technology solutions can be used for these challenging sporting spectacles.


Our world-class sporting solutions – at a glance

Our sports and stadia lighting LED technology solutions to combine the most intelligent luminaire technologies and design expertise to meet all demands – whatever the sport.

From day one to the final sign-off of your sports project and beyond, we can and do take care of everything.

Bbier’s experienced in-house Lighting Design and Engineering teams have the deep level of knowledge and combined expertise to deliver flawlessly, high-power, full turnkey lighting solutions for all manners of sports. Top-quality solutions that give you more for less.

Beyond design and engineering, our teams have unrivaled experience in installation supervision, project management, onsite aiming and commissioning, and troubleshooting, So, you get the support on the field, not just on a spreadsheet.

Our high-power LED sports lighting products are manufactured to allow us to deliver projects to the most exacting specifications.

Whatever the local government or sporting bodies’ regulations, we know and meet what’s needed.

And we’re always developing innovative, sports-specific, high-power LED lighting products to meet the ever-evolving complex needs of all sports.

Add that all together and you can see why we’re the right choice for your next project.



How we can assist you with accomplishing your objectives

Lighting plan

we hit the imprint, like clockwork. We give master lighting configuration benefits right from an undertaking’s start-up – for nothing. Regardless of whether your prerequisites change as the venture creates, we’ll be there to help and support you.


no issue and no sat around. To ensure your establishment goes without a hitch, our master designers and managers can be with you from the outset line to wrap up. Our establishment groups have long periods of donning experience. In this way, anything the establishment needs, they’ll have the option to help you at each stage.


Support and guarantee

safeguarding your speculation. The extraordinary thing about LED lighting is it needs undeniably less support. It’s significant however that you safeguard your speculation to amplify the life expectancy and profit from the venture. In this way, our Lighting Warranty goes on for quite a long time!


Furthermore, we exceed all expectations

Preparing and schooling

raising your group to an acceptable level. Our accomplished group is close by to help you. Whether an accomplice, client, expert, or designer, we’re in your corner. We offer a scope of preparing and instructive courses to help both our item and area accomplices. From specialized preparing on our item reach to establish direction and then some, we’ll show up for you.

Prompting and counseling

allow us to assist you with pursuing the best decision. We have numerous long periods of inside and out experience across the games area, and an exceptionally experienced administration and warning group. We can uphold, prompt, and counsel whenever. Whether for a new venture or to take a gander at existing arrangements, just let us know.



from send off to conveyance. We can furnish you with a project supporting answers for your lighting projects. Through our endorsed supporting plans we can assist you with overseeing monetary worries and obstacles. We could submit refund and motivation applications for your benefit, to improve the cycle for your venture group!



Our control arrangements and lighting items

Control – significant in endlessly sports lighting

There are various key elements to zero in on about control. These are:

Glare control – this should become the dominant focal point. In this way, the decision of the luminaire required must be painstakingly thought of.

Energy investment funds – having the option to deal with the times the lights are utilized, and when, helps set aside cash, energy, and the climate.

Light diminishing – when enhanced with lighting controls, our LED lighting arrangements can manage the light levels to the game or movement. For example, if the space is likewise utilized at a tip-top level, it’s typical for transmissions to require more light than may be required exclusively for the game being referred to.

Sports Lighting – Bbier lighting


Our reality driving games lighting range


A lightweight, incredibly flexible item designed for both retrofit and new forms. Low glare, broadcast-prepared, gleam-free LED floodlight planned explicitly for the game, field, and enormous region lighting.

Worked for little to medium-sized sports applications and offers high lumen bundles with restricted weight. It limits the number of floodlights required per shaft at the most cutthroat cost.

Offering extremely high lumen bundles with restricted weight and far-off driver capacity The Atlas R series is a profoundly productive LED floodlight planned explicitly for Military flying and huge region sports and stadia lighting.