Lighting is a very important part of any work and living environment. Good lighting is also a key factor in garages, construction sites, or housework. Poor lighting conditions increase safety risks. Every year there are many large and small industrial accidents, these accidents are related to poor lighting conditions.When searching for a temporary construction light ,you can find many options on the market. But are they all suitable for the work environment?

There are work lights on the market with incandescent, fluorescent or halogen bulbs which are not efficient, they can brake easily, and their lifespan is short.

LED lighting is the way of the future.

LEDs consume up to 90% less energy than incandescent lamps, and generate much less heat than other light sources. LED lighting is durable because it has no fragile parts that can be damaged, which means that the LED can be placed in harsh environments. The life span of leds is also very long.

The brightness of the LED is measured in lumens. If you have ever bought a 500W incandescent lamp to work, then you should look for an 8000 lumens LED work light.

LED work lights without a name usually give unrealistic lumen output. Don’t be surprised if a 500-lumen unnamed work light emits less light than a 300-lumen professional work light.

Power Source – Corded or Cordless

The led can work under AC and DC power supply. Because LEDs are very energy-efficient, innovative manufacturers provide cordless work lights powered by rechargeable batteries. Cordless LED lights are generally small and easy to transport.

In the case of rechargeable LED work lights, pay attention to the battery type. You can find work lights with lithium polymer ion batteries (Li-Poly) and lithium ion batteries (Li-Ion). Lithium poly-ion batteries will provide longer battery life and relatively safer lithium-ion batteries.

Waterproof, Dustproof & Impact Resistant (IP and IK Ratings)

When choosing an LED work light, consider the environment in which it is used. Dust and water are two typical factors that cause damage to electrical equipment. For harsh environments, look for LED work lights with IP and IK ratings. These levels indicate the degree of impact protection (IK) and intrusion protection (IP).

The IP rating defines how to protect the working light from solid or liquid elements. For example, an IP67-rated LED work light means that it is completely protected from dust and can also be immersed in approximately 1 meter of water for 30 minutes. However, an IP65-rated lamp means that it can prevent dust and low-pressure spray.

The IK rating measures impact resistance. The higher the IK level, the higher the impact resistance. The value range of IK level is IK0 ~ IK10. For example, the IK07 rating means that the lamp is tested to withstand the impact of a mass of 1.7 kg dropped from 40 cm above the impact surface.


Innovative work lights are also full of features, which means you can benefit from the light even more.

If you find yourself working in a small space, or only need your hands to work, a work light with a magnetic base and multi-function hook is the ideal choice. It allows you to connect the lights to the gypsum board frame or nearby pipes. Think about how often this feature will come in handy.

Not all workplaces have a place to charge your cell phone, laptop, or other devices. Installing a power bank function on your work light is really a lifesaver.

Have you felt the need to adjust the brightness of your work light while you are on scaffolding or in a garage grease pit? With the most modern work lights you can now connect wirelessly to your LED work lights using an app. That gives you the ability to control the on/off and brightness.

Brightness & Adjustability

If you need to provide light sources of different brightness, you can choose LED work lights with optional lumen output settings. The working light can have two or more different lumen output settings.

Pro tip: Look for work lights with a wide range of brightness settings, such as 400, 800, 1200, 1600, and 2000 lumens. In this way, you can set the appropriate brightness according to the working environment

Professional work lights reduce safety risks, are equipped with the latest technology, and should provide you with more good lighting. When choosing a work light, consider it as an investment, not just an expense.

Why Buy a LED Work Light?

LED lighting is the way of the future.  With LED technology rapidly advancing every year designs are more innovative and affordable than ever. LED work lights are now being designed for specific industries, and applications that weren’t possible before.

What You Need to Know

LED lamps are more economical and more energy efficient than incandescent, fluorescent or halogen lamps. LED lamps consume 90% less energy than incandescent lamps. They produce almost no heat.

LED lighting is durable. No fragile parts can be damaged, which means that the led can be placed in harsh environments.

LED has a long service life, continuous use time can reach 100,000 hours.

Because LEDs are so energy efficient their brightness is measured in lumens instead of watts. The chart below will give you a better idea of how incandescent lights (the way we’re used to measuring brightness) compare to LEDs.

Incandescent                LED (lumen output)                          LED (watt range)


100 watt                        3600 lumen                                            30w


75 watt                         3000 lumen                                            25w


60 watt                         2400 lumen                                           20w


40 watt                         1800 lumen                                           15w


Led work light’s  FEATURES

Cost-effective solid state solution for task light applications

360° beam angle

Base up, base down or horizontal operation

Provides easy operation and high lumen output with cage for protection in demanding environments

Includes 5’ power cord with plug and mounting hook

Instant-on with no warmup

5 year warranty

50,000 hours (L70) life

Operates in -40°F to 140°F (-40°C to 60°C)

UL Dry/Damp Location Rated

CRI: >80

Surge Suppression: 6kV


Task Lighting


Work Areas


Temporary highbay


Other Features and Options

Consider other features and functions that are available when choosing a work light.

Magnetic Base – is an alternative option that a mechanic may find useful so the light can be attached to the frame of the car or under the hood.

Power Bank – gives the user the option to charge other devices like a cell phone.

Bluetooth Speakers – are now an option with some work lights allowing the user to stream music along with illuminating the work area.

Tripods & Stands – are accessories that will allow work lights to be mounted at different heights giving the ability to illuminate a larger area.

Battery Level Indicator – this is a feature that shows the charge level of the battery.


Using LEDs for your temporary project needs are ideal because these lights use less power, and less power means lower current. For users of temporary job site lighting, this is key. Often, temporary work lights are used in the format of long strings, such as what is used during tunnel construction. Over these long strings, there can be a substantial loss in voltage loss due to the resistance to the. To make up for this voltage loss, most construction crews will use heavy gauge lower resistance cable, which tends to have a lower current draw. This lower current draw will allow for a lighter gauge cable to be used, which to the end user means lower cost. Another major benefit is that LED lighting allows crews to use much longer strings than were previously available.


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