The rapid development of the sports industry, the future of LED stadium lighting

With the vigorous promotion of “Sports Power” and “National Fitness” and the successive holding of large-scale sports events such as the National Games, the sports industry of various countries is growing rapidly!

It is understood that the scale of China’s sports industry in 2015 was about 1.71 trillion yuan, in 2018 it reached 2.66 trillion yuan, and in 2020 it reached 3 trillion yuan, of which sports goods and sports manufacturing accounted for nearly 50%. It is inevitable that China’s sports industry will reach a scale of 5 trillion yuan in 2025.

In the construction of stadium facilities, the major stadiums in our country are also closely following the most advanced hardware technology in the world, and are equipped with more professional LED stadium lighting. I believe that the upgrade of the venue facilities will definitely help our goal of “sports power”. A step also provides a strong support for “National Fitness”.

In order to improve the utilization rate of stadiums, more and more indoor stadiums are considering building comprehensive stadiums instead of traditional single-function stadiums. This not only improves the efficiency of use, but also improves the stadium construction, especially the stadium lighting. High demands.

Common complex halls, in order to meet the lighting requirements of badminton, basketball, table tennis and other sports and large-scale events, lamps need to be equipped, anti-glare, high light efficiency, instant start, good stability, and single lamp can be connected to intelligent control The system realizes a set of lamps and intelligent programming to meet all the lighting needs in the room. This also greatly reduces the operation and maintenance costs of the venue.

In addition to the complex lighting requirements for indoor stadiums, the lighting requirements for outdoor stadiums are also getting higher and higher. For example, cage football fields, 11-a-side football fields, etc., the various parameters of the stadium lighting are more and more subdivided and more professional.

In response to the changes of the times, Bbier has been focusing on the research of high-quality light environment for sports lighting since 2008. Through the exploration and polishing of rigorous optical design and sports comfortable light, the output of healthy light environment solutions allows athletes and spectators to enjoy the comfortable experience brought by professional lighting in stadiums.

With years of project achievements and experience accumulation in the field of smart sports lighting, it has gradually become a leading domestic LED stadium system solution provider.

As the curtain of the 14th National Games comes to an end, the baton will be handed over to Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau, which will host the 15th National Games in 2025. This will be the first time that the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area will host a large-scale comprehensive sports event as a whole.

The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area has a strong economic development momentum, a young population structure and a vast market space. It is an ideal place for the development of the sports industry.

In the future, Bbier will continue to increase the ecological layout of LED stadium lighting fixtures in smart lighting, fully extend the coverage of the industrial ecological chain, increase market share, and empower the rapid development of LED stadium lighting!