Uses and advantages of LED shoebox light

LED shoebox lights are also called LED area lights. It is the latest generation of LED lighting fixtures. It has superior performance and can replace traditional single LED street lights, LED flood lights and other LED lighting products.

At present, LED shoe box lights are widely used in parking lot lighting, road lighting, architectural lighting, stadium lighting, basketball court lighting, billboard lighting, and so on.

The LED shoebox lights on the market have a variety of installation methods to choose from, including light pole type, wall type, and ground type. The light pole type can be divided into round pole type and square pole type. When you choose to use the pole type, it can be used as an LED street light; when you choose a wall or floor type, it can be used as an LED floodlight. These types of BBIER shoebox lights are basically available for you to choose!

Bracket adjustment, one light for multiple purposes

One of the highlights of this LED shoe box light is that the angle of the bracket and the lamp arm can be flexibly adjusted. The bracket of the lamp body can be adjusted to different angles according to the needs of different scenes to realize the diversification of a lamp; and all the screws are stainless steel screws, which have stronger corrosion resistance.

Modular design

The unique “modular design” of the luminaire can be flexibly divided into series and parallel according to the needs of the project, and the installation and maintenance are therefore simple and quick. To

In line with the popularization of intelligent lamps and lanterns, this kind of LED shoebox light is a “light-controlled induction” sensing method, supports the assembly of light sensors, the switch can be automatically adjusted, is smart and convenient, and also effectively saves energy.

In addition, its heat dissipation performance is very strong, which is very suitable for outdoor operations in harsh weather. It has a structure that is not affected by weather conditions and has a protection level of IP65.

Furthermore, in order to meet the requirements of indicators such as illuminance in different spaces, this series of shoebox lights have a variety of different powers, from 90W to 350W to choose from, and the voltage does not exceed 48V

The characteristics and details of LED shoebox lights/area lights are shown as follows:

  1. Simple design style, high luminous efficiency, powder spraying and baking paint process, never fade, anti-cracking.
  2. With high color rendering index, the light efficiency can be as high as 160-180LM/W, and the light decay is low.
  3. Pass various experimental tests: wind resistance level test, conducted radiation, 1.5G seismic test, ultraviolet aging test, drop, pile height test, etc.
  4. The aerodynamic design is adopted to quickly take away the heat. The radiator and lamp beads are kept at a lower temperature, so the lamp beads have a longer service life and higher luminous efficiency.
  5. Adopting high-efficiency power supply, installed on the die-cast power supply cover, heat is quickly conducted away, lower temperature and longer life.

All in all, through the optimization of the material, design and structure of the components, we have realized the ingenious switching and flexible “transformation” between shoe box lights, street lights, and flood lights. This shoebox light kit has high luminous efficiency, low energy consumption, light and thin appearance, double waterproof, reasonable price, and excellent heat dissipation function. It has the advantages of high appearance, high quality and low price. As a durable high-performance LED lighting fixture, it has become the cost-effective choice for many customers.