What are the related role of battery operated exit signs?

  • Practical applications show that setting battery operated exit signs on the ground or on the wall close to the ground on the evacuation walkway and main evacuation route can play a very good role in safe evacuation, and can effectively help people identify the evacuation location and direction in time. Evacuate smoothly along the battery operated exit signs.
  • In spaces with a large single building area, such as large shopping malls, supermarkets, etc., because the walls are relatively far away, battery operated exit signs (mostly green luminous arrows) are generally set on the ground; relatively long spaces are generally installed on the wall . Battery operated exit signs should also be set above the safety exit or evacuation exit.

What are the features of battery operated exit signs?

  1. LED light source with long life and high brightness is used, which has the advantages of low power consumption, high brightness and long life of 100000 hours. It is almost free of maintenance and use, which effectively meets the requirements of energy saving and environmental protection.
  2. The specially designed internal circuit has many functions, such as overcharging protection, short circuit protection, overdischarge protection and so on, which can effectively ensure the performance of use.
  3. Battery device: equipped with maintenance-free nickel-cadmium battery pack, automatically charged under normal power supply, automatically converted to battery pack power supply in case of power outage or accident, automatic emergency lighting. Battery operated exit signs will automatically light up in the event of an accident or power outage.
  4. Emergency device, junction box is equipped with terminal for user wiring. Grounding screws are arranged inside and outside the shell, and users should be reliably grounding when using the product.
  5. Working performance: anti-misoperation cover, automatically cut off the output power supply when open, can safely replace the light source. A variety of signs, users can choose according to the need to match.
  6. Easy to use: battery pack power off switch, users can choose to install. Cable or steel pipe wiring.

What are the types of batteries used in battery operated exit signs?

There are two types of batteries that are used for battery operated exit signs:

  • Sealed lead-acid batteries (the same type used in cars)
  • Nickel-cadmium batteries

Sealed lead-acid batteries are the oldest rechargeable technology available, which are called lead-acid because they contain lead alloy plates, immersed in acid. The acid breaks down the plates, producing the charged electrons which are electricity. More recently, technology of lead-acid batteries has improved, allowing for fully sealed units, that don’t require the addition of water to maintain the acid level.

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