Explosion proof lights are indispensable for any business operating in a hazardous environment with potentially explosive gases and vapors. Employees working in hazardous environments often face the threat of potential explosions, and explosions may occur if safety precautions are not implemented correctly.

Therefore, you must understand how explosion proof lights can benefit your business and the safety of your employees. However, defining the composition of explosion proof lights and how it differs from standard lamps can be confusing. This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of explosion proof lights to help you make more informed decisions for your business.

What are LED explosion proof lights?

LED explosion proof lights refer to LED lighting fixtures that can contain sparks that may ignite flammable and explosive gases in the atmosphere. Therefore, LED explosion proof lights do not refer to lighting equipment that can resist explosions, but the ability to prevent external explosions in hazardous locations.

LED explosion proof lights are usually installed in thick frames, which are usually made of strong materials such as steel or aluminum. The LED explosion proof lights are also equipped with extremely durable lenses that can withstand harsh working conditions and prevent cracks, which can cause leakage.

LED explosion proof lights are designed to be used in “hazardous locations” as defined by the Canadian Electrical Code and other codes or regulations in different jurisdictions. Broadly speaking, a dangerous location here refers to an area where the concentration of combustible materials in the air is high enough to cause a fire or explosion. This can be in the form of gas (such as natural gas, ethanol, toluene, etc.), dust (such as grain, flour, coal, etc.), or even fiber. When these hazards exist, workers need (according to the law) to use specially designed equipment to reduce the risk of igniting flammable materials, lest they cause catastrophic fires or explosions.

Why Choose LED explosion proof lights?

LED explosion proof lights is an application suitable for places with unique conditions, which require lighting to be able to withstand and be safe under specific conditions. Technically speaking, a hazardous location is defined as a location where the amount of flammable or combustible dust, vapor, metal, gas, etc. is sufficient to pose a potential threat. However, hazardous location lighting can sometimes be used as an all-encompassing phrase, including the following:

  • High abuse
  • Vandalism
  • public space
  • harsh environment
  • Clean room/closed

All these applications require lighting that can work under abnormal conditions, whether that means tamper-proof lighting, lighting that does not explode, lighting that does not degrade when exposed to water, lighting that can be disinfected, etc.

It is important to know that hazardous location lighting is subject to the National Electrical Code (NEC) classification of risk levels, and may also need to apply Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) grouping. We have a whole blog post explaining the categories, departments and groups of lighting in hazardous locations. In short, there are three levels, two partitions, and six groups to classify hazardous locations according to risk levels and existing hazards, so that the correct lighting can be used to achieve the required safety.

For various reasons, proper lighting is very important. It helps you perform work and complete tasks by ensuring that you can always see what you are doing. It allows you to understand your surroundings and improve safety. Most importantly, it provides a more comfortable atmosphere and can help you reduce stress. However, a lamp is an electrical appliance, which can be dangerous in some places. Stray sparks can cause the accumulation of flammable gases and materials, which is why explosion-proof lighting is very important. We have several lamps that can provide you with excellent lighting while also allowing you to take your attention away from the hardware.

Our lighting solutions use powerful LED technology to help create a wide range of lighting while minimizing risks. LEDs are more efficient, more powerful, have excellent performance, and can reduce your electricity bills. In addition, their durable structure ensures that they are very safe in any environment. These options not only provide less harm by themselves, but they can be contained in a very durable housing to ensure that they are protected from gases, debris and other environmental factors, while also protecting the environment from them. When buying such lamps, we are your one-stop resource and can provide all the best products on the market. These fixtures are manufactured with the highest standards of structure and quality, and can operate at the required capacity in the harshest environments.

The installation of LED explosion proof lights can prevent the surrounding flammable gas and vapor from being ignited, thereby significantly reducing the risk of explosion. In addition, the National Electrical Code (NEC) issued by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) stipulates that all lighting equipment used in hazardous locations must be explosion-proof.

Due to the sturdy design of LED explosion proof lights, the risk of explosion and fire is extremely low. Therefore, this also greatly improves the safety of employees working in hazardous locations.

LED explosion proof lights provide excellent benefits for hazardous locations for many reasons, especially because of how they generate light and how they distribute light. Light-emitting diodes generate light through semiconductors instead of consuming the “fuel source” like HID lamps. Regarding “distributing” light, LED luminaires usually use a “multi-point” light source, which means that the luminaire has multiple diodes with separate optics. When you compare this to the way most HID fixtures distribute light (with a single bulb and reflector in the fixture), the result is that the light is “distributed” more evenly in a given area.

Explosion-proof design: In standard lamps, bulbs, contacts, wiring and any switches are directly exposed to the local atmosphere. The sparks from loose contacts or switch movement, and even the heat of the bulb, are enough to ignite a flammable atmosphere. In explosion-proof luminaires, any explosion that may occur is contained in the luminaire.

Components in standard lighting fixtures, such as bulbs, wiring, contacts, and switches, are all exposed to the atmosphere. Therefore, any spark caused by the sudden change of energy inside the lamp may ignite the flammable gas in the atmosphere. Instead, the components of explosion-proof lighting fixtures are wrapped to prevent potential sparks or flames from escaping from the inner housing unit.

However, this does not mean that there must be an airtight seal around the components of the explosion-proof lighting fixture to prevent the combustible gas in the surrounding atmosphere from penetrating into the housing unit. This simply means that explosion-proof luminaires will be able to control explosions in their housing units. This prevents the explosion from spreading to the outside of the equipment, which may cause additional damage to the equipment and injury to employees.

High durability: Compared with standard lighting lamps, LED explosion proof lights usually have higher durability. Because explosion-proof lighting fixtures are usually made of stronger and heavier materials, they can withstand harsher working environments. This means that explosion-proof lamps are not as easily damaged as standard lamps, which makes them a better choice for operation in confined spaces. Therefore, the high durability of explosion-proof lighting can help reduce your company’s maintenance and decoration costs.

Greater fluidity: Due to the use of a stronger frame and thicker tempered glass lens, the explosion-proof lamp has strong vibration resistance. This allows greater mobility because the explosion-proof lights can be transported from one place to another by forklifts or other transport machinery without being easily damaged. On the other hand, standard lighting fixtures have poor mobility, and even the slightest collision or movement may cause them to damage and malfunction. Therefore, explosion-proof lighting fixtures are more portable than standard lights, which makes them an ideal choice for businesses that require mobile lighting for operations.

Higher efficiency: Compared with traditional lighting fixtures, LED explosion proof lights are more energy efficient. LED explosion proof lights consume about 90% less energy than standard lighting fixtures. This means that explosion-proof LED lights can work at their original illuminance level and can last up to 100,000 hours. Therefore, the service life of explosion-proof LED lights is longer than that of traditional lighting fixtures. Therefore, installing LED explosion proof lights will save you operating and production costs.

Less heat emission: LED explosion proof lights also have energy-saving features, so they emit less heat. This generally reduces the chance of sparks, which means that flammable gases and vapors in hazardous locations will not be ignited.

LED explosion proof lights are environmentally friendly: In addition to energy-saving advantages, LED explosion proof lights do not contain toxic or harmful substances that are harmful to the environment, such as mercury and lead. Therefore, the use of LED explosion proof lights instead of traditional lighting equipment can also make enterprises environmentally friendly.

What are benefits of Bbier LED explosion proof lights?

We provide a variety of certified LED explosion proof lights, which can be used in the presence of combustible gas, liquid and vapor concentrates under normal operating conditions. Our explosion-proof devices have been approved for use in Class 1, Zone 1, Group A, B, C, and D environments, and have been designed and tested to operate in the most dangerous environments.

Our durable, corrosion-resistant LED explosion proof lights can provide excellent lighting and protection under any circumstances. All LED explosion proof lights provide energy-saving and maintenance-free lighting. It is suitable for installation in a range of locations, including facilities where hazardous materials exist continuously, regularly, or during repair and maintenance operations.

Applications of our LED explosion proof lights:

  • Mining applications: mining and coal production and processing, gasoline distribution and service stations, petroleum and chemical refineries, land drilling rigs and fuel depots
  • Marine applications: petroleum and chemical transportation barges, offshore drilling platforms and platforms, petroleum and chemical ships, shipyards, docks, offshore supply vessels
  • Industrial applications: water treatment plants, chemical plants, power plants, grain processing and storage, paper and pulp mills, paint spray booths, oil refineries, solvent and cleaning areas, and chemical manufacturing
  • Other applications: government aircraft hangars and ammunition storage, aircraft maintenance, bulk cargo handling and other facilities where flammable concentrations of gas, liquid or vapor may exist