What’s linear led high bays light?

The linear led high bays lights are designed to replace fluorescent lights in classrooms, stadiums, conference rooms, gyms, warehouses, supper markets, factories, and other large spacious indoor facilities.

linear led high bays lights generally have a special structure and heat dissipation design, which is more suitable for certain places comparing with circular(UFO) high bay lights, especially for warehouses with high racks and workshop lighting. The Linear LED High Bays Lights usually have a long and narrow rectangular light distribution, which completely matches the corridor and aisle to decrease the waste of lighting.

Why should we choose led linear high bays fixtures?

To the maximum induce the cost and improve save energy efficiency. The Linear Led High Bays Light is suitable for workshops, warehouses, gymnasium, gas station, shopping mall, garage, and other lighting purposes, etc. It’s vital to select the right wattage of linear led high bays lights according to the areas to be illuminated. Higher wattage will cause a waste of electricity, while a lower power may fail to meet the required brightness.


Whether you are buying warehouse lights the first time or would like to replace outdated metal halide, fluorescent, or HID lights with lower energy consumption, lower cost, and higher efficiency lighting options, our bbier can meet your needs.


Energy saving

Energy saving is the main reason why you should evaluate LED lighting for your building or facility. The usual power range of LED high bay lamps is 95 watts to 495 watts. If we compare this power with a typical HID overhead luminaire, the same power range is 175 watts to 1000 watts. Therefore, by switching to LED lighting, you can immediately reduce energy consumption by 40%-60%. If you switch to LED lighting, you can save $300 in electricity bills per year. Depending on the size of your facility, this may affect the operating balance sheet.


Maintenance and cost reduction

By converting to LED, you can also see that the maintenance of high-bay lamps is greatly reduced. This is due to the way LED produces light and how they progress over their functional life. Once the fuel source is significantly reduced, the light output produced by the LED will decrease very slowly over time instead of stopping normal operation. Therefore, the functional life of LED products can be significantly longer than that of HID lamps, thus greatly reducing the required maintenance load. For example, by converting traditional 400w HID high bay lighting to LED, a typical building with industrial lighting fixtures can save up to $5,341 in maintenance costs over 3 years.


Lighting performance

Finally, lighting performance is a key factor in evaluating the transition to different types of lighting. From a performance point of view, LED are dumbfounded above their HID opponents. LED use a multi-point design, which means they can distribute light very evenly on the expected surface. This means that the light level on a given surface varies little between fixture installation positions. In addition to uniform light distribution, LEDs also provide a series of CCT (correlated color temperature), so a series of options can be provided to increase the visual experience of “brightness”. In contrast, HID lamps produce “bright spots” directly below the lamps. As the distance between the lamps increases, the brightness of the light drops sharply. All in all, we can see that there are three main driving factors to consider installing LED retrofits in your facility. By converting, you will see immediate effects.

What’s the benefit?

  1. Beam angle:120 degrees.
  2. Aluminum die-casting heat sinks are good for heat dissipation.
  3. It’s major to replace the conventional linear high bay light.
  4. Green, energy-saving, long and reliable life of 50,000 hours.
  5. No RF interference, No IR/UV radiation, no mercury pollution.
  6. Wide color availability in degrees Kelvin(K),2700-6700K.
  7. Streamline exterior design, beautiful appearance.
  8. Environment friendly,energy-saving (70~80%).
  9. Special circuit design, each LED work separately, avoiding the single broken LED influence problem.


Where are linear led high bays lights used?

  • Warehouse and storage.
  • Sports Facilities And Gyms.
  • Retail Centers
  • Workshop
  • Parking Areas
  • Industrial Workshop
  • Stadium Lighting
  • Airport Lighting
  • Industrial Facilities

Install step

Step1. Turn off the power before installation.

Step2. Hang the four rings of the lamp with four chains.

Step3. Wiring right(“Black” is connected to “L”, “White” connect to “N”, “Green” to “Ground”). Step4. Make sure it is secure and finished.


Finally, if you still use traditional light, the led light worth a try.