In our daily life, there are some tools Break the restrictions of various conditions. Here I want to introduce something about square led work lights.As it breaks the restriction of darkness. With it’s help,people can work at any time.

So,What are advantages square led work lights?

  1. square led work lights is kind of led flood lights,it’s brightness is great.So it can offer enough light in the dark.
  2. Saving electricity no light pollution,like normal LED lights, it can save much energy.Generally, the voltage of an LED lamp bead is  only 2-3.6V, and the current is only 0.02-0.03A. That is to say: it consumes no more than 0.1W, and consumes more than 90% of the incandescent lamp with the same light efficiency, which is more than energy-saving lamps. Increase by more than 70%. LED is energy-saving light source More,There is no harm from metallic mercury. In the particle layout of LED lamps and displays, the light generated is generally scattered,no light pollution occurs rarely .
  3. We can make many kinds of function on square led work lights, such as PIR motion sensor. Photocell sensor,Infrared remote control,with these function, it will bring lots of convenient for people in daily life.
  4. long lifespan. Normally, square led work lights can work as long as 20000 hours under the normal temperature.which can help people to reduce repair lights and save bill.
  5. Easy installation; Material of square led work lights are Light alloy is very easy to install.
  6. ED uses high-voltage DC power supply (which can rectify AC power to DC power), and the power supply voltage is between 6 and 24V, which varies from different products. In short, it uses a DC power supply that is safer than a high-voltage power supply and is suitable for use in the most of so it has wide application
  7. The color of the LED work light is richer than traditional lights : the color of the traditional work light is very single. To achieve the color purpose, the LED is digital control, and the light-emitting chip can recover a variety of colors, including three ternary colors red, green, and blue. It can restore the colorfulness of the world through system control,

Next, I will introduce it’s widely application in our daily life.

1,Construction site

Sometimes,We need to start to work and finish whole program in advance,while people need to take some days to Erect wires, in this situation, we must stop working at night. If with square led work lights. We can have enough bright at night. It is helpful. Sometimes construction site also happens power off. At this time,square led work lights with rechargeable function can solve this problem well. Sometimes, Farmer maybe be need to work at night. When they have a square led work light, they can finish working efficiently.

2,Car pairing.

When your car broken at nights. one person,darkness around you, this is bad situation. If you bring a led work light at this time, it will help you a lot. You can repair the car well in a short with it’s help. Square LED work lights is also helpful when we fix other tools at night.


Camping as a popular life style. We can find lots of happy from it. More and more people like it, While, If without light at night, it reduce happy a lot. When we has a square LED work lights it can bring convenience to us. We can have lots of activities at night, like dancing , square led lights can save electricity. No worries about electricity trouble.

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