DC ceiling fan with led light and remote is a product that combines ceiling fan and lamp. It can be used as a ceiling fan as well as a lamp. The DC ceiling fan with led light and remote is not only beautiful, but also meet the diverse needs of people. Next, we will continue to understand more advantages of DC ceiling fan with led light and remote.


Since China began to produce ceiling fans more than 20 years ago, thousands of styles have been sold on the market, from single color to colorful. The styles include ordinary cas-shaped, Victorian style, unique Italian style, European classic style, and luxurious , The magnificent ancient Roman style, the mysterious ancient Greek style, the modern simple and generous style, etc., designers from all over the world have fully displayed their artistic styles in the ceiling fans.


A:Energy saving With the trend of global warming and environmental protection and energy saving, the use of high-power appliances such as air conditioners is increasingly restricted. An air conditioner is equivalent to the power consumption of 20 ceiling fans, and it is used when the temperature does not exceed 30 degrees. Fans can completely cool down and drive heat. Among fans (table fans, vertical fans, ceiling fans, etc.), only ceiling fans can generate the largest air volume under the same power. The air volume is the product of wind speed and area equivalent to water. The water flow rate is low, so the United States recommends the use of energy-saving appliances such as ceiling fans. Moreover, it is found that using ceiling fans with air conditioners can reduce the load of the air conditioner, and also prevent the temperature difference in the room from causing colds, and the comfort is quite good.

Decorative ceiling fans mostly use motors made of high-quality silicon steel sheets, which produce better electromagnetic effects, and low and medium speeds adopt capacitor speed regulation more energy-saving than those without capacitor speed regulation. A number of energy-saving and consumption-reducing technologies make this type of Ceiling fans have excellent energy-saving effects

B: It can be used in winter and summer. The DC ceiling fan with led light and remote also has a positive and negative switch. In summer, set it to the positive direction, the fan blades are rotating forward, and the wind feels gentle and cool; in an air-conditioned room, it can assist the air conditioner to increase the flow of cold air, which not only reduces power consumption, saves energy and protects the environment, but also prevents air conditioning syndrome. In winter, set it to reverse and the fan blades are reversed, which can push down the rising hot air in the room. People in the room cannot feel the wind, but it increases air circulation. In a room with a heater, it can increase the warmth. The convection rate of the air makes the indoor heat evenly warm like spring.

C: Quiet and safe. Because most DC ceiling fan with led light and remote use motors made of high-quality silicon steel sheets, the noise generated by the motors is much smaller and quieter than ordinary ceiling fans. In addition, they all use wooden blades so they are safer.

D: Both can be equipped with remote control Some remote control and sleep timer function are very suitable for night use.

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