The main purpose of customers visiting the gas station is to refuel the car, during which they will have a short stay. The prominent gas station lighting will attract the attention of drivers, and the comfortable lighting will make them willing to take a short rest. If the petrol station meets their expectations, they will visit again next time. This is the human characteristic.

Uncomfortable gas station lighting will make drivers (especially drivers who have just entered a gas station from a dark road environment) feel dazzling, resulting in glare problems. This is not only an unpleasant problem, but also has potential Dangerous. Low-quality lighting is not only detrimental to the business of the gas station, but also reduces the work efficiency of employees.

Gas station lighting is closely related to people’s lives. Especially in the rapid development of modern social life, we are seeking for a better life, as for the lighting system of gas station, LED lights will become the best choice and it is also the general trend to replace traditional lights that are currently widely used.

So what are the advantages of LED gas station lights compared with traditional gas station lights?

1. LED gas station lights are specially designed for gas station lighting. The use of professionally designed petrol station lights can not only enable the driver to clearly identify the location and highlight the brand logo of the petrol station within a certain distance, but also achieve energy-saving effects in daily operations. Energy saving is more than 50% than traditional lighting fixtures.

2. LED gas station lights reduce glare, avoid eye stabs, highlight the overall space lighting, and improve the overall brightness of the gas station.

3. The use of LED light sources can effectively improve the uniformity of illumination, extend the use of lamps, improve lamp efficiency, and reduce power consumption. Low energy consumption design, maximum energy saving.

4. Long service life and low maintenance rate.

5. The humanized appearance design embodies the aesthetic requirements of modern industrial lighting fashion and the concept of full harmony between humanity and nature.

6. Appropriate horizontal and vertical illuminance, comfortable color temperature and color rendering, low glare, safer, professional design, reduce direct glare, make driving more comfortable and safer.

7. Comfortable working environment, harmonious atmosphere, good uniformity of illumination. Professional light distribution, wider light distribution, reducing the number of lamps required.

8. LED gas station lights are easy to install and easy to adjust.Humanized structure design makes installation and maintenance of lamps easier. Suitable for a variety of applications. Ceiling type, embedded installation, simple maintenance, convenient operation and low cost.

9. LED gas station lights use super-power non-integrated chips, with excellent technology.

10. LED gas station lights use cold light source, no heat radiation, no harmful metal mercury, green and environmental protection. Cold light source design, no harm to eyes and skin. Contains no pollution elements such as lead and mercury, realizing a true green.

11. The LED gas station lamp body is made of high-strength die-cast aluminum material, and the surface is anti-aging and electrostatic spray treatment, self-cleaning and strong corrosion resistance.

12. The LED gas station lamp coveris made of high-strength shatter-resistant glass, which is resistant to impact and friction.

13. LED gas station lightsis designed to fully dissipate heat, and the cover temperature is low, safe and good protection.

14. The color rendering is good, the brightness is stable, and the actual color is more realistic. The color temperature of the LED light source is optional to meet the needs of different environments.

15. The power supply with constant current and constant voltage control is suitable for wide voltage and overcomes the shortcomings of power grid and noise pollution caused by ballasts.

In order to improve people’s quality of life and meet the needs of the times, Bbier has researched and designed new models of LED gas station lights, with 60w/100w/130w/150w/200w in a lumens up to 130lm/w or even 140lm/w for your choices. Bbier’s LED gas station lights can replace all of the traditional gas station lights in any gas station. Its design is very close to CREE CPY 250. We have applied certifications of ETL/CCC/CE/ROHS/DLC for our LED gas station lights.

Phillips SMD 3030 LED modules or Osram is available. Premium grade components make this an industrial grade gas station canopy light. New style’ is the latest in LED technology. Longer lasting and more efficient. Stop replacing old Metal Halide, HID or CFL bulbs with the new gas station canopy light. Save electricity bill.. Replace 400W HPS (High Pressure Sodium) or MH (Metal Halide) bulb by 150W LED. Save over 50% on electricity bill of lighting. Aluminum Housing with high tech Heat Sink protects the LED Driver. Better Heat dissipation ensures longer LED life and safety. Acrylic lens. IP65 Waterproof for all conditions. All backed by a 5 year warranty. Safety and quality guaranteed.

Bbier’s LED gas station lights are in stock in the USA California & Florida Warehouses. We can also ship from our factory to all over the world, which is based on Shenzhen, China. OEM/ODM is at your service.

Are you going to get your gas station lights to be replaced by Bbier’s LED gas station lights? Just have a call or contact us online, you will be pleasantly surprised to find us a good and reliable supplier, as well as interesting partner in global business.