LED plant growth lamp, is a kind of plant, it is different from the traditional plant lamp. LED plant lamp uses LED (light-emitting diode) as the light source, which has a rich spectrum and can completely simulate the effect of sunlight on plants. Moreover, LED as a cold light source does not need to worry about heat burning the leaves, and its service life is as long as 50,000 hours, convenient to use and simple to maintain.

LED plant lights are widely used in greenhouse, greenhouse breeding, flower breeding, indoor garden, vegetables and fruits, farm, pot, spray planting, tissue culture and other industries. In plant culture, plants need light for photosynthesis. LED plant lights can fully meet the light needs of plant growth and development. LED plant lamp can fully simulate the wide wavelength range of sunlight (380nm-980nm), according to the needs of photosynthesis, the spectrum ratio, especially the red and blue light which have obvious influence on plant growth. Red light promotes the flowering and fruit of plants, while blue light promotes the growth of plant stems and leaves. Therefore, LED plant lights mainly use the ratio of red and blue light, and even some LED plant lights only have red and blue light.

LED plant lights can completely replace sunlight on plant growth and development, or even better than sunlight. Because LED plant lights are controllable, and sunlight is not. The only advantage of sunlight is that it is cheap and cost free, whereas plant lamps are controllable. You can control the light ratio of the plant lamp, optimize the spectrum required by the plant lamp infinitely, and eliminate the spectrum not required by the plant to improve the utilization rate; You can control the light intensity of the plant lamp, so that the plant is always at the light saturation point of photosynthesis, always at the maximum activity of photosynthesis; You can control the light cycle of the plant lamp to 12 hours a day at the beginning and 16 hours a day at the end, or depending on other factors, so that the plant can accumulate enough organic matter to supply the various energy needs of the plant at different stages of growth.

You can control the proper layout of plant lights, which can save a lot of space and improve the utilization of the land. The controllability of LED plant lights, the most significant impact is to improve the yield of crops, improve the quality of crops, but also ahead of the launch of crops, whether vegetables and fruits, or flower pot, can be launched in advance, occupying the market advantage.