With the acceleration of urbanization, traditional ordinary street lights can no longer adapt to the development of the times, and are gradually replaced by LED street lights. So what are the advantages of LED street light compared with ordinary street light?

1. Energy saving: The light source efficiency of LED has reached 110-130lm/W, and there is still a lot of room for development, with a theoretical value of 250lm/W. The luminous efficiency of ordinary street light increases with the increase of power. Therefore, the overall luminous efficiency of LED street light is stronger than ordinary street light; using high-power LED light source with high-efficiency power supply, the actual lighting effect is tested to be better than the current ordinary street light used on the road. More than 60% energy saving, there is still a lot of room for technological progress. With the rapid improvement of LED efficiency, LED street light has shown great potential in energy saving.

2. Laying cost: Compared with the power of LED street light, which is 1/4 of ordinary street light, the cross-sectional area required for laying copper cable only requires 1/3 of ordinary street light, which saves a lot of laying cost.

3. Illumination comparison: If you use 60W LED street light, it can reach the illuminance of 200W ordinary street light, which greatly reduces the use power.

4. Operating temperature: The temperature generated by the LED street light is low during use, and continuous use will not produce high temperature, and will not turn black or burn the lampshade.

5. Safety performance: Compared with the cold cathode lamps and induction lamps on the market, they all use high-voltage excitation to illuminate, which contain harmful metals such as mercury, and harmful rays; LED street light is safe low-voltage products, which greatly reduce safety hazards.

6. Environmental protection performance: Compared with ordinary street light, which contain harmful metals, the spectrum contains harmful rays. In contrast, LED street light has a pure spectrum, no infrared and ultraviolet rays, no radiation, no light pollution, and no harmful metals.

7. Service life: The average service life of ordinary street light is 10,000 hours, and that of LED street light is 50,000 hours. In addition, LED street light has good water resistance, impact resistance, and shock resistance, with stable quality, and are maintenance-free products within the warranty period.

8. Strong adaptability: Each unit LED chip has only a small volume, so it can be prepared into various shapes of devices and is suitable for variable environments.

9. Easy to install: no need to add buried cables, no rectifiers, etc., directly install the street light head to the lamp pole or nest the light source into the light shell.

10. Reliable quality: All circuit power supplies use high-quality components, and each LED has individual overcurrent protection, so there is no need to worry about damage.

11. Good color rendering: The light color rendering of LED street light is much higher than that of ordinary street light. The color rendering index of LEDs is high (75~80). The color rendering index of ordinary street light is only about 23. From the perspective of visual psychology, it can reach the same brightness, The illuminance of LED street light can be reduced by more than 20% on average than ordinary street light. And the road looks brighter, feels more comfortable, and the driver feels safer.

12. Low maintenance cost: According to the current technical level and test results, the high-power LED street light source can be used normally for 10 years without replacement, while the ordinary street light needs to be replaced once a year and a half on average. The use of LED light sources can greatly reduce maintenance costs.

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