The night light is combined with lavender, rose, and mosquito repellent essential oils to effectively volatilize the essential oils when heated, which can relieve nervous tension, relieve fatigue, strengthen the brain, soothe the nerves, soothe irritability, relieve stress, and feel happy. After igniting the incense lamp, the fragrance will slowly radiate out! The fragrance of plants gives your living space a natural fragrance and romance. The intoxicating fragrance is refreshing and refreshing, allowing you to bathe in the vast forest, between flowers and fruits, and have more unique physiotherapy and health care effects. When used, it is like being in the entire mountain forest, you can enjoy the forest bath at any time…
The shape of the night light is ever-changing, and the materials include ceramics, wood art, iron art, acrylic, metal and other materials. The night light has a soft light, and plays a guiding role in the darkness. At the same time, the small night lights are rich in varieties, strong in optionality, and have the home furnishing effect.

Aromatherapy night light: It is made of ceramic materials, divided into dyeing, non-dyeing, and carving series. The top of the ceramic night light can be added with a small dish or the ceramic top is designed with a groove, which can contain essential oils, and then achieve the effect of aromatherapy.

Category installation
Traditional night light: living room, bedroom, study, corridor
Modeling night light: living room, bedroom, study room
Aromatherapy night light: living room, bedroom, study
Induction night light: living room, corridor, bedroom

1. Plug the night light into the socket, check that it is fixed, turn on the light, and then put in 3 parts of water and 7 parts of essential oil. After the night light has been turned on for a period of time, the heat of the light will volatilize the essential oil, achieving the effect of aromatherapy.
2. The aromatherapy night light can purify the air, beautify the environment, and at the same time can stimulate the human nerves, promote metabolism, and improve sleep.
3. Pat the night light: suitable to be placed on the bedside or beside the computer, using the human body’s touch sensor to adjust the switch and brightness.
4. Voice-activated night light: suitable for places such as stairways and aisles, using the sound produced by human walking to control the switch. At the same time, the night light will automatically turn off when it is not used for more than a period of time.
5. According to the type of switch: divided into button type, plug-in type, remote control type, pull-wire type, touch type, (human infrared) induction type, voice control type, light control type and others
6. Divided according to the type of light source: energy-saving lamps, LED lamps, incandescent lamps, lamp beads, halogen lamps, fluorescent lamps
7. Divided according to function: aromatherapy night light, lighting night light, fun night light, craft decoration night light, holiday gift night light, shooting entertainment night light, reading night light and other purposes

8. According to the scope of use: corridor night light, bedroom night light, home night light, hotel lobby night light, hotel room night light, leisure and entertainment venue night light, exhibition hall night light, corridor night light and others.
9. According to the (lampshade) material: divided into PVC material, PC material, ceramic material, vinyl material, plastic material, acrylic material, stainless steel pattern hollow carving and other night lights
10. Divided according to the shape of the lamp: divided into petal lamp, mushroom lamp, pattern hollow carving lamp, star lamp, heart-shaped lamp, cartoon lamp, football lamp, human-shaped lamp, various animal and plant-shaped lamps, etc.
11. According to the transformer: electronic transformer, inductive transformer, and other transformer night light

Role and harm
To sleep comfortably and securely, the necessary conditions and environment conducive to sleep should be created; this includes no light interference, overeating, neither hot nor cold indoors, and fresh air. Light is the first of these five items. Some people like to turn on the light at night, while others turn on the light to read before going to bed, and the light is still on when they fall asleep. Turning on the light to sleep is not only a waste of energy, but also affects the quality of sleep. The biological rhythms of the human body, including the biological clock, are naturally formed by human beings in the process of adapting to the environment, and “sleeping at dark” is a routine of human life. If you break this routine, turn on the lights to sleep at night, or sleep under strong sunlight, it will cause the human body to produce a kind of “light pressure”, which will affect the normal metabolic function of the human body, including the normal physiological and biochemical reactions in the body, and even make the human heartbeat. , Pulse and blood pressure are abnormal, leading to disease. Recently, medical researchers have confirmed that turning on the light when falling asleep will inhibit the secretion of a substance called melatonin in the human body and reduce the body’s immune function. People who often work night shifts, such as flight attendants, telecommunications, doctors, and nurses, have a cancer incidence that is twice as high as normal people. Medical scientists warn that turning on the lights to sleep not only affects human immunity, but also prone to cancer. For babies and toddlers, turning on the lights to sleep is especially bad.

Any artificial light source will produce a very subtle light pressure. The long-term existence of this light pressure can make people, especially infants and young children, behave turbulently and emotionally, making it difficult to sleep and poor sleep quality. At the same time, allowing babies to sleep under the light for a long time will further affect their eye reticulum activation system, so that the baby’s sleep time is shortened each time, and the sleep depth becomes shallower and easy to wake up. The baby sleeps under the light for a long time, which is bad for the child’s vision development. If the eyeballs are exposed to light for a long time to sleep, the light will continue to stimulate the eyes, and the eyeballs and ciliary muscles cannot be fully rested. For infants and young children, it is very easy to cause damage to the retina and affect their normal vision development. . Studies abroad have shown that the incidence of breast cancer will double by a large margin for women who are on night shifts. Because there is an endocrine organ called the pineal gland in the human brain, a large amount of melatonin is secreted during sleep at night. This hormone is secreted most vigorously at 11 o’clock in the night to 2 o’clock the next day, and stops secreting in the early morning. The secretion of melatonin can inhibit the excitability of the human sympathetic nerves, so that blood pressure decreases, the heart rate slows down, and the heart can breathe. It has the effect of strengthening immune function and poisoning cancer cells. But once the eyeball sees light, melatonin It will be suppressed, so those who turn on the lights to sleep late at night will have reduced immune function and are more likely to develop cancer.