Adjustable led lighting is the next trending revolutionizing lighting solutions for saving inventory and giving some necessary colour temperatures and wattage options within one lights which are market demand.

Adjustable led lighting will be beneficial to all distributor, contractor and end users.

End users :

Mental Health

Did you know variable lighting options can increase employees’ working interest?

Environments with Variable lights CCT can offset many negative effects of working inside and can even reduce stress and depression in the work.

Let’s see the most basic reactions in our human body with different sorts of light.

Warm light develops the generation of melatonin. Cool light develops the generation of cortisol.

Melatonin is a hormone secreted by the pineal gland. It helps our bodies synchronize with the daylight and darkness to develop an effective sleep rhythm.

Cortisol is a steroid hormone Manufactured in the adrenal cortex triggers anti- stress and anti -inflammatory responses. It also helps with balancing human bodies immune-systems.

Here’s a chart which shows average correlation between cortisol levels and melatonin levels throughout the day.

Need less maintenance for buildings

New renters want a different CCT? No need to change the light, easily adjust the CCT on the existing lights.

Adaptable to different ceiling heights 

industrial workplaces have ceiling heights that require different lighting heights. In this case adjustable wattage will help to solve this problem.

Benefits for electrical contractors :

On the job flexibility

It’s always been a big problem for contractors to carry many lights to demonstrate to their clients. Now with the adjustable luminaries contractor only can carry a couple of flexible luminaries on the job site to meet the client demand.

Improve service

Provide your clients with quality service and show them how flexible your lights can be! Do they need different color temperatures? No problem, you can adjust it on the spot.


Benefits for Distributor :

Solve inventory problem

Managing Inventory is one of the biggest problem for a distributor. One CCT selectable SKU can replace many dedicated CCT SKU’s which will solve the inventory problems and save money. Offering more features with more advantages can increase sales and customer’s truest.

Satisfy a wider range of demand

An adjustable led light can easily satisfy many contractors,retailers and end users which can be used for a wide range of applications and job specifications.

Deduct dead inventory

Normal CCT can be the reason for a dead inventory. Now distributors will no longer have to carry niche configurations that run the risk of dead inventory.

What are the adjustable lighting options are available in the market?

Adjustable lighting is the new technology in the market, so not many companies are involved in this category. Shenzhen Bbier Lighting Co Ltd,. is one of the Biggest supplier and Manufacturing factory of adjustable Led Lights.

Simple introduction of led adjustable lights

One Led lamp can be integrated with 3 gears of color temperatures and 3 gears of wattage. For instance color temperatures could be 3000k/4000k/5000k or 4000k/5000k/5700k and wattage could be 30w/50w/75w. so you can select your required CCT & wattage.

We have several Adjustable led lighting options. Let’s check it one by one.

  1. Led Post Top Lights :


*  Public Parks Lighting

*  Street scapes lighting

*  Parking areas lighting

*  Hotel lighting

Applications :

*Parking areas Lighting.

* Ceiling Lighting

* Warehouse Lighting

* High/Low Bay Lighting

* Indoor stadium Lighting

*Factory Lighting

Applications :

* Entrance Lighting, Courtyard Lighting

* Industrial Lighting,Outdoor Landscape Lighting

* Building, Hotel, House, Villa Parking lot, Garden, Etc

Applications :

* Area Lighting/ Street Lighting

* Stadium Lighting

* Roadway Lighting

* Industrial Lighting

* Port Wharf Lighting

* Outdoor Parking Lot

Applications :

* Indoor & Outdoor Parking Garage

* Entrance Passage

* Underground Passage

* Gas station

Soon some more Led adjustable lights will be released. Click here to find the Adjustable Led Lights