Led shoe box is one of the best solutions when looking for reliable outdoor lighting solutions with a variety of possible applications. These powerful LED shoebox lights can be used for outdoor parking lots, streets, highways and other important areas.

Due to the working mode of led shoe box, they are also very suitable for replacing metal halide and halogen lamps. Compared with the same old options,led shoebox lights provide higher lumen output and better brightness.

What Is Led Shoe Box?

LED shoe box is usually mounted on poles to illuminate streets and parking lots. The name “shoe box” refers to the size and shape of the luminaire. The led shoebox light is usually the size of a shoebox, ranging from one foot long to 16 inches long. These lights can be found in gymnasiums, county fairs and large parking lots. Despite their small size, they can save up to 80% of energy.

The led shoebox light provides an efficient way to replace metal halide and high pressure sodium (HPS) lampseasily and illuminate large areas. They are pole mounted led lamps found in the parking lots.

Where Is led shoe box used?

In addition to roads and outdoor parking areas, led shoe box can also be found to illuminate sidewalks, paths, parks and many outdoor areas. They are usually mounted on poles, but can be also mounted directly on the side of a building. There are several common mounting options: pole mounting, yoke mounting and slip fitter mounting.

Here are some typical uses of led shoebox lights:

Outdoor parking lots
Outdoor courts (basketball, tennis, badminton, etc.)
Football fields
Roadways, pathways

What are the benefits of led shoe box ?

Many car park owners are choosing led shoe box because they have higher energy efficiency and long-term cost savings than old parking lot lights. The typical power range of the led shoebox light is 50 to 300 watts, but it can replace a 1000 Watt High Intensity Discharge (HID) bulb.

LED shoe box provide the same lighting as more power consuming metal halide and sodium vapor lamps. When turned on, they don’t need time to warm up. In addition, they have photoelectric sensor that turn lights on and off at sunset and sunrise, further improving the efficiency of the luminaires.

  • Energy Saving

Cut down your electricity bill up to 75% by replacing existing traditional fixture with led shoebox light ,eliminating the need to frequently replace your fixture.

  • Save Money

LED shoe box comes with a dusk-to-dawn photocell sensor can turn on automatically at dusk and off at dawn,no need to manually switch, saving time and effort.

  • Durability and Easy Installation

This led shoebox light is made of Die-casting aluminum+PC lens, which is more durable and reliable, easy to install, with an adjustable slip mount designed to fit on standard circular poles. IP65 waterproof rating, excellent weather and erosion resistance, heat dissipation capacity.

  • High Brightness

Led shoebox light comes with Philips led chips, 130lm/w or 150lm/w luminous efficiency, 5000-Kelvin daylight white perfect matches the brightness & color of illuminating parking lots, garden, garage, yard, street, path, porch.

  • Long Lasting & 5 Years Warranty

Reduce the frequency of re-lamp because of the ultra-long lasting performance with over 50,000 hours’ lifespan, based on average use that’s 5 years.


There are many benefits of led shoebox lights compared with traditional HPS MH HID parking lot lights. Be sure to get in touch with Bbier lighting, as our team is very happy to help with any lighting design and decision-making, as we handle all projects involving LED lighting with personal pride and enthusiasm.