LED wall pack lights, also known as building exterior wall lights, are special type of lights designed to be installed on the exterior of commercial building walls. They are very common, so you will most likely see these lights in lighting stores. The led wall pack light adopts a high-intensity light holder design, which is energy-saving, durable and has low light pollution. One of the benefits of this kind of light is that it can illuminate a specific area outside the building, which brings additional safety.Over the years, we have seen different traditional lights used in wall lights. During this period, the invention of different traditional wall pack lights increased the ability to produce brighter lights. However, although they may be capable, they are never as efficient as LED lights.

LED wall packs are not only very functional, but they are also many times more efficient. They outperform traditional light in almost all aspects, including: light output, energy consumption, life uniformity, maintenance, life expectancy, and heat emission.

What is the purpose of led wall pack light?

There are many uses for LED wall packs. Due to their efficiency, they are great for commercial and security lighting purposes where the light will need to operate for long periods of time. Their bright light output and adjustable mount design make them an ideal choice for illuminating building perimeters where control of spill light is important. Since they typically made of die-cast aluminum that is very durable, they can weather humid and extreme climatic conditions, making them a great choice for tough environments. Due to this great flexibility and quality design, these wall packs are a great choice for just about any location, able to provide high power, quality lighting every day.

How to choose a high-efficiency led wall pack light?

If after all consideration, you think LEDs are the perfect choice to go with, but you stuck with choosing with choosing wall packs, here are five considerations that should help you make the right decision.

Some basic things to choose a led wall pack light

  • Check the lumen

In the past, people generally used watts as the basic standard for determining the brightness of a light bulb. Things have quickly developed to a new dimension, and now watts no longer used to determine the brightness of a light bulb. Watt now only represents the power consumed by the LED bulb. In terms of brightness, lumen is now the most important criterion.

Lumen represents the measure of visible light produced by a light source. This is the brightness level you see. The more lumens the LED bulb emits, the brighter it looks. Lumens are very important, especially for distinguishing LED bulbs from traditional bulbs. For example, if you want to replace the metal halide wall pack light installation, use an LED wall pack light, and the lumens can use as an indicator of whether the LED you install is as bright as the metal halide light.

  • Energy-saving motion sensor

We are in an era when energy saving is of great significance. Of course everyone remembers to turn on the light in a dark place, but only a few people remember to turn off the light. Modern LEDs have a motion sensor function, the purpose is to significantly reduce the energy consumption rate of any building.

Under normal circumstances, LEDs can reduce energy consumption by as much as 75%, but when combined with motion sensors, energy consumption will be reduced by as much as 90%.

Motion sensors are either installed by LED manufacturers during production or in a few cases, by the users after purchase.

  • Pay attention to the photocell

Photocells used as light sensors, and unlike infrared sensors, which basically detect presence, they detect light. LED manufacturers install photovoltaic cells during the production process, so no additional integration is required. The photocell is best used from dusk to dawn. It will automatically turn on the light when it is dark, and turn off the light when it is on again in the morning. This ability to turn on the lights only when needed helps to extend the life of the LEDs and reduce their maintenance costs.

  • Should be wet rated

The installation location determines the efficiency level and service life of the lamp to a large extent. Operating conditions such as water and humidity usually affect the efficiency of the bulb. Therefore, it is very important to obtain a bulb with special features that allow operation in a humid environment. A damp place is a place where the lamp is in direct contact with water and other forms of moisture.

Lighting equipment installed in wet locations should have UL wet ratings as part of protection against water and moisture. If fixtures that not constructed to wet ratings are continuously exposed to wet conditions, their life expectancy will be negatively affected.

  • Three Types of Wall Packs for Exterior Lighting

Led wall pack lights, also known as building exterior wall lights, are outdoor lights installed on the exterior walls of buildings. They are ideal lighting fixtures for streets, driveways and sidewalks. Let’s take a look at these three types of led wall pack lights and emphasize why they are suitable lights for your building.

Flood LED Wall Pack Fixtures

Due to its low light pollution and high light intensity, this luminaire is an excellent complement to any large external space. They are very suitable for improving safety outside commercial buildings and parking lots. Their maintenance costs and long service life make them an excellent alternative to metal halide lights.

Semi Cutoffs and Full Cutoff LED Wall Pack Lights

Like we mentioned earlier, this kind of wall packs dispense light downwards. But it still provides an amazing intensity of light that supports safety and security. They used in outside commercial buildings, garages, parking lots, hospitals and public spaces. They consume very little electricity and are very easy to maintain.

What are the benefits of using led wall pack lights?

Their benefits have brought about their high efficiency, which can attribut to several reasons, including:

  • Long lifespan

LED wall pack lights have a long lifespan and one that is even longer than other light sources, including fluorescent bulbs.

In this case, the life expectancy of LEDs range between 50,000 hours to 100,000 hours, while that of HID bulbs is 15,000 hours.

Their long lifespan can attribut to the fact that these fixtures not easily affected by high temperatures and pressure. Rather, they can withstand the impacts of harsh weather conditions. For this reason, you do not have to change them regularly, which helps to save costs on frequent maintenance or replacement bulbs.

LED wall pack lights can also last up to 25 years compared to metal halide bulbs. And one installation can save you the time and money of replacing lights in the future.

  • Improved Light Quality

LED light bulbs provide enhanced light quality in comparison to traditional metal halide bulbs. This light is in a specific direction and, thus, can focus on a desired location even without using reflectors.

Traditional light bulbs, on the other hand, provide non-directional lights. And they tend to waste most of their light output.

LED wall pack lights do not also produce glare. For this reason, they are comfortable to the eyes even after working under them for long hours.

  • Energy-efficiency

LED lights that replace HID and fluorescent bulbs offer better energy savings.

The LED wall pack lights offer brighter light output but consume less power while doing so. For this reason, they are energy efficient since less energy used to carry out the task they perform.

In the same vein, they generate less heat compared to traditional light fixtures. And in the end, this helps to ensure that the A.C. is not always turned on in the summer. As a result, the bulbs consume less energy. So does the A.C., which can result in huge energy savings on a yearly basis.

  • Cost Savings

Less energy consumed by LEDs means lower utility bills.

The cost saved can be used in other areas in the business or family that are in urgent need of improvement. Similarly, the fact that A.C is used irregularly means that significant energy costs can also be saved.

Why should you use an LED wall pack light? Here are some reasons.

  • Minimizes Energy Consumption

Metal halide and HID wall packs and other traditional lighting systems consume a lot of energy. And hence they become quite tricky to use for a prolonged time span. On the contrary, the LED wall pack lights use only 25-50% of the energy compared to the conventional lighting systems. This is how you can reduce your lighting bills as well.

  • Minimal Maintenance Costs

The commercial LED wall pack lights are very long-lasting, and do not require replacements. They last from 50,000 to 100,000 hours and hence the owner just need to spend some amount on buying and installing them, without any further maintenance cost incurred. They can endure harsh weather conditions as they are quite sturdy.

  • Great Light Quality

The purposes of the wall pack lights are to protect the property and the people living in it with security at night. For this, high quality and bright light have required which assured by the LED lights. The energy efficient high-quality lighting that LED system offers is irreplaceable.

About our Led wall pack light:

You’ll find that many of our wall pack lights are either UL or DLC listed. It’s meaning they’ve been tested by some of the best independent safety companies in the world, in order to ensure you get the best quality possible. That means that when we say they’ll last over 100,000 hours of maintenance-free operation, we mean it.

Here are the three most important benefits of using wall lights:

  • Energy Savings
  • Maintenance Cost Reduction

  • Lighting Performance

LED Wall Technology is essential for building up innovative and eye-catching spaces. No matter the lighting condition, LED Wall can deliver image with high level of brightness, contrast and colour saturation. With its superior performance, it can be excellent at grabbing attention and delivering messages in outdoor settings, stadium, malls, lobby, retail store and more.

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