Solar powered led flood light in the driveway or front yard may be more convenient than you think. If you want to get up at night to check your dog or find a spouse or child to go home, or be protected by an intruder, this solar powered led flood light can give your security without wasting money or energy.

Before we comment on specific products, let’s talk about how to select the best solar powered led flood light for your needs. Although some systems will be more suitable for your personal home, you still need to pay attention to some common features of solar powered led flood light.


What are the most important features of floodlights? Of course, its brightness! For the best safety, your solar powered led flood light must be bright enough to allow you to see clearly in outdoor places. In solar powered led flood light, brightness is measured in lumens,a term used to describe visible light.

In other words, the more lumen output a solar powered led flood light has, the brighter it will be. We suggest you to choose the brightest solar powered led flood light that have more lumen output than ordinary household light bulbs.

Waterproofing and reliability

Another important factor to choose the best solar powered led flood light is how long they will last. Regardless of the cost of the lights, once they are installed at home, you want to keep them for a long time without having to bother to repair or replace them. Therefore, it is very important to find the best solar powered led flood light that can adapt well to wet or stormy weather.

For the best reliability, you need to choose the water and corrosion resistant solar powered led flood light if you live in rainy or snowy areas. Sometimes simplicity is better for reliability. The fewer special functions and modes a group of floodlights has, the longer the service life without maintenance.

Lasting Time

Having a solar light can help you save much electricity bill, but its lasting time can be a bit annoying. The best solar powered led flood light can keep charging well and run continuously for a long time before charging. In detail, most solar lights need to be fully charged in seven to eight hours with full sunlight.

The average running time of solar powered led flood light is about 5 or 6 hours – which means 5 or 6 hours of uninterrupted lasting time. The longest running time on our solar powered led flood light is up to 12 hours. Solar powered led flood light with dimming settings or motion sensors will help save energy and extend their operating time. If you want to use solar powered led flood light all night or for a long time, please pay attention to these energy saving features.

Solar Panels

In some solar powered led flood light, the solar panel is connected directly to the lamp itself. This makes the installation a little easier, but it also means that you have to install the solar powered led flood light in a place that will receive a lot of sunlight during the day.

Other solar powered led flood light have separate solar panels that can be installed in other locations. This means that you need to spend more energy setting up the system, but you will be able to get the most power by installing the panel in a shady place and getting the most sunlight.

If your solar powered led flood light lasts for a short time, then separate panels will be the best choice to help your solar powered led flood light get the maximum power. Similarly, if the place where you want to install the solar powered led flood light is in shadow for most of the day (for example, on the side of a garage or under a sunshade), you should also look for a model with separate solar panels to install and charge it properly.

Battery Capacity

The capacity of the battery must be considered before choosing the best solar powered led flood light. The capacity of the rechargeable battery will let you know the maximum charge stored in the battery. It is expressed in ampere hours (ah) or milliampere hours (MAH). It is always better to choose the best solar powered led flood light with higher MAH because it can store more charge and last longer.


After extensive consideration of various factors,we believe that you have learned how to choose the best solar powered led flood light. Whether you’re looking for an extra safety measure or just want to light up your driveway when you get home late, you should choose the best solar powered led flood light.

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