Shoebox Light and Easy LED Retrofitting

Shoebox light comes in a variety of wattages ranging from 50 watts to 600 watts.  They can put out over 80,000 Lumens.   An shoebox light can replace up to 2000 watt high pressure sodium or Metal Halide with just 300 watts. A1000 watt can be replaced with 300 watts of LED and a 400 watt can be replaced with a 150 watt Parking lot pole lights.  That’s how bright LED area lights they have become.

Where Did the Name Shoebox Light Come from?

Lighting has a habit of getting nicknames based on what they look like.   Some examples are Corn Bulbs, UFO high bays and shoebox lights.  All named after what they look like and nothing about the light.
The old shoebox lights were in the form of a rectangle box with an integrated heatsink that helps dissipate heat properly from the bulb in the middle. Due to this, the light casing looks like a shoebox, hence the name Shoebox light. This type of casing for LED shoebox lights goes back decades.  Modern LED sport court lighting and LED Parking Lot Lights and are a little sleeker, but generally still have that rectangle form.


The latest in LED area lights or LED parking lot lights technology is the LED Shoebox light that’ll will save you a ton on energy bills and improve the look of your parking lot, sports court, street or other areas. Our LED Shoebox  light Fixtures are designed to replace 100W to 1000W Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium shoebox lights in parking lots and other public areas. Most of our LED pole lights and led shoebox light are DLC Qualified for utility rebate eligibility.

1. Excellent heat dissipation with modern and durable design
2. No wires being exposed to the sun and rain
3. Slim, state-of-the-art, low profile design maximizes wind resistance
4. Dim Function: 1-10V or DALI dimmable
5. Beam Angle Options: Type II, Type III, Type IV and Type IV
6. Safety features: Open circuit protection; Short circuit protection; Over voltage protection
7. Photocell enabled: The LED shoebox comes with a dusk-to-dawn photocell sensor which detects ambient light and powers the LED on/off automatically.
8. Applications: Parking lots & Streets, Walkways and building grounds…

What About Mounting Types?

Direct Mounts:

A direct mount allows you to attach your shoebox directly to an existing pole. That means direct mounts are the easiest way to switch over your existing HPS or metal halide lights to LED.

Installation will involve wiring your light and then attaching the shoebox to the pole using bolts. That means they don’t provide the flexibility of some other mounts.

Slip Fitters:

Wiring feeds all the way up the pole, through the mount, and into the back of the lamp.

The main advantage of slip fitters is that they are generally hinged, allowing the lamp to be tilted, pitched, and adjusted.

Slip fitter mounts are ideal for situations in which you’re trying to focus light in a particular area or working in a challenging space.

Trunnion Mounts:

A trunnion mount is a hinged, square frame made of thin metal. Wiring a trunnion mounted LED shoebox involves threading insulated wires through that frame and into the back of the lamp.

Trunnion mounts are highly versatile and can help you fit powerful lamps into tight spots and direct your beam in a directional manner to achieve lighting goals.

Unlike direct or slip fit mounts, trunnions do expose some wiring to the elements, so they do require some increased maintenance.


Many advanced shoebox lights have been introduced in the market, and 40000 lumens . The best thing about this shoebox light is the motion sensor that takes energy efficiency and safety to a new level.
Not your basic sensor, this is a 5.8ghz microwave based sensor that includes features like daylight harvesting, two step dimming and adjustable settings.   By turning off or dimming lights you save even more on your energy bills and provide a bit of added security.   When that light kicks into full brightness, everyone turns to look and see.   That deters criminals and sends them on to the next property.
It uses only 300 watts of energy for producing 40000 lumen light. You can angle it upside or downside depending on the mounting position.

Led shoebox light and other open area need good lighting to draw in customers at night and keep everyone safe.  With LED lights, it is possible to both enlighten and save your extra bill.   These well-searched reviews of parking lot LED lights are durable and provide versatile ways to illuminate parking and different spots.

Tips and for Buying Shoebox Light and FAQs

1. Determine the lumens you need.   Its lumens not watts
2. Focus on the driver.   A Meanwell driver is the best in the business.   Its the only driver we use because the others simply cannot hold up.   It has a 4KV surge built in.
3. Decide if you need a photocell or not.   Dusk to dawn sensors on the light help conserve energy.
4. Check the mounts, see above.