Solar powered yard lamps is usually refer to outdoor road solar lighting fixtures below 6 meters. The types of lamps includes floor lamps, wall lamps, lawn lamps, spotlights, water-scape lamps and other forms. They are mainly used in residential areas, tourist attractions, parks, squares and other public places for outdoor lighting. Here is a brief introduction to this product.


The role of solar powered yard lamps design

  1. Enrich the content of courtyard space. Through the contrast of light and dark, the landscape to be expressed is highlighted in a background with low environmental brightness, attracting people’s attention.
  2. The art of decorating courtyard space. The decorative effect of solar powered yard lamps design can be achieved through lights

With its own styling texture and arrangement and combination of lamps, it can embellish or strengthen the space.

  1. Use the organic combination of point, line and surface to highlight the three-dimensional layering of the courtyard, scientific application

The art of light creates a warm and beautiful atmosphere.

Incorporating lighting design into the courtyard, other design elements, such as sculptures, water features, plants, etc.

In order to perform more vividly. Incorporate lighting design into the courtyard, other design elements, such as sculptures, water features, plants, etc. can also be expressed more vividly.

  1. The source of electricity for solar powered yard lamps is sunlight, which makes no electricity cost input and is environmentally friendly. And the voltage of solar powered yard lamps is safe and no danger. Secondly, the use of solar garden lights can easily change the position to achieve the desired lighting effect.


The key points of solar powered yard lamps

  1. Use low-power street lights for the main roads of communities, parks, and green spaces. The height of the lamp post is 3~5m, and the column distance is 15~20m. The effect is better. You can also have more lamps per column. When you need to increase the illuminance, you can use more lamps. In order to have a longer lighting time, do not have obstructions around the lamp installation to obstruct the light.
  2. Indicate the waterproof and dustproof grade of the lamp. This has a great impact on the service life of solar energy.
  3. The size design of the lamp post base should be reasonable, and the design of the lamp base should not allow water to accumulate.