What are the methods of lighting?

The below will talk about 6 commonly used lighting ways and take office led panel light to take about types of office lighting.

  • General lighting
    General lighting is to achieve the most basic functional lighting, regardless of local special needs, to achieve this more uniform effect of the brightness distribution of the entire home lighting so that the light from the whole to the environment is integrated. The light source used in general lighting has higher power and higher lighting efficiency. For example, the ceiling light in the living room or bedroom achieves the effect of general lighting. It can keep the entire space bright at night and meet the basic lighting requirements.
  • Local lighting
    Local lighting is to meet the special needs of certain parts of the room. One or more lighting fixtures are set up to provide more concentrated light for the area. The local lighting can be obtained in a small area with a small light source power to provide a more fruitful illuminance for the area, and it is also easy to adjust and change the direction of the light. This kind of lighting method is suitable for some areas with higher lighting requirements, such as installing a bedside lamp at the bedside or adding a table lamp with higher illuminance to the desk. In a large space, the local lighting area is usually more than In one place, multiple lighting fixtures can be distributed in multiple parts of Yunbai, and play a role in decorating the space. However, it should be noted that only partial lighting on the joint surface for long-term continuous work can easily cause visual fatigue.
  • Directional lighting
    Directional lighting is a lighting method that uses high brightness to emphasize a specific target and space. It can highlight a theme or part as needed, and reasonably adjust the color, intensity, and size of the illuminated surface of the light source. In the indoor lighting arrangement, the use of directional lighting is usually to achieve a concentrated and bright lighting effect in the illuminated area. The number of lamps required should be determined according to the area of the illuminated area. The most common directional lighting is above the dining table. The design of a set of chandeliers allows the visual focus to focus on more beautiful and edible food while creating a warm and comfortable dining atmosphere.
  • Hybrid lighting
    Hybrid lighting is a lighting method composed of general lighting and local lighting. From a certain point of view, this decorative lighting method is actually based on general lighting, depending on different needs, plus local lighting, so that the entire indoor space has a certain brightness and can meet the illuminance on the work surface. Standard needs. This is currently the most common lighting method used in indoor spaces. Hybrid lighting is often used in large indoor spaces. At this time, a reasonable layout is needed to make the lighting levels organized and avoid unnecessary waste of light sources.
  • Accent lighting
    The accent lighting design is more decorative. Its purpose is to shape some soft fittings or carefully arranged spaces so that the entire space can be visually focused, and the eyeballs can involuntarily notice the illuminated area. Enhance the material texture and highlight the effect of beauty. In addition to common spotlights, linear lights can also achieve accent lighting effects, but their light is softer than spotlights.
  • No main lamp lighting
    The main lampless lighting is a design technique of modern style, in pursuit of a minimalist space effect. But this does not mean that there is no main lighting, but the lighting is designed as a kind of implicit lighting hidden in the ceiling. This kind of lighting is actually more demanding in design than external lighting. When decorating, the ceiling should be suspended first, and the various lighting effects and brightness of the light, the coordination of the ceiling and the main style, and the impact of the ceiling on the space should be considered. No main light does not mean saving the main light. Instead, let the main light obey the ceiling style so that the light is not visible, and the indoor brightness is uniform, and the light is not visible to the source.

Types of office lighting—Office Led Panel Light

1. Uniform diffusion type lamps
This type of lamp can diffuse the entire amount of light evenly in all directions, its appearance is beautiful, the light is uniform and soft, but the light efficiency is not high, and the loss is more. It is most suitable for aerial lighting without special requirements for daylighting, such as the foyer, aisle, etc.

2. Semi-indirect lamps
This kind of luminaire can project 90% of the luminous flux to the ceiling and the wall to form a large light surface. Although its brightness is not high, the light distribution in the entire illuminated space is uniform without obvious shadows. Due to the large light loss, it is necessary to increase the luminous flux by 50%-100%. Semi-indirect lights can be used in public places such as conference rooms.

3. Direct lamps
Direct-type lamps often use white enamel, aluminum plate, and mercury-plated mirror glass as lampshades, making full use of the luminous star, so that 90%-100% of the light or light can be projected on the work surface or the top of the bedding, so that the illuminated area and the non-illuminated area There is a strong contrast between them. According to the light distribution curve, the lights can be divided into super deep illumination, deep illumination, wide illumination, illumination, and uniform light distribution, etc. Direct lamps are generally prone to glare, which can cause visual discomfort. It is suitable for small offices and reception rooms.

4. semi-direct lamps
Semi-direct type lamps can illuminate 60%-90% of the luminous flux on the work surface, and can also properly illuminate the space environment, improve the indoor brightness ratio, soften the light in the entire room, and produce a good lighting effect. Suitable for public office space.

5. Indirect lamps
The indirect type lamps reflect all the light beams to the ceiling, and the light is uniform and soft, which can avoid glare, but the light loss is large. It is usually used in conjunction with other types of lamps as an auxiliary light source.

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